Get a complete view of your accounts so you know how to prioritize your selling activities. See which people are engaging in an account and where there are gaps. Access rich account intelligence and detailed communication history without ever leaving Salesforce, LinkedIn, or Gmail.

With Engagio, you get full visibility into what’s happening at your target accounts so you can prioritize your day and spend your time on the accounts that will drive maximum results.  Leverage the scale of marketing, while maintaining control of key contacts at your account. No more crossed lines of communication, leads routed to the wrong owner, or target accounts slipping through the cracks.

Engagio Scout

Engagio Scout is an all-in-one Chrome Extension that gives you intelligence, visibility, and the power to create and measure engagement at high-value accounts. It’s highly convenient and can be accessed in Salesforce, LinkedIn, Gmail and everywhere else you are on the web.

  • Detect leads and accounts, then display the corresponding data on any page
  • Update fields in Salesforce in real-time
  • See all communication history between that account and your company
  • Build account plans and orchestrate plays without leaving your current page

See Engagio Scout in Action

Account-centric – for the right visibility and actions

Engagio engagement chart in salesforce

When your leads are automatically matched to their respective accounts in Salesforce, you can be confident that your data is clean, reliable, and current. Having integrated data across all systems gives you visibility into everything you need to know about an account in one place – which makes it much easier to get a snapshot of your territory and prepare for QBRs. Now, you can spend your time and energy on the activities that will move the needle and close more deals.

Efficient – so your time is spent wisely

One of the biggest challenges as a rep is prioritizing your time – which accounts should I be focusing on today? When you’re blind to what’s happening at your high-value accounts, you risk wasting time or missing key opportunities. Engagio gives you full visibility into your key accounts to clearly understand which accounts and people are engaged, thus making it easier to prioritize the right sales activities. When you have a straightforward way to see a single account or set of accounts, you can take the right set of actions and have more control over your sales process.

Personal – for optimal impact and results

engagio actions

Closing complex deals with long cycles and multiple stakeholders isn’t an individual sport – it takes an entire team. Pulling in key players at the right time allows you to seamlessly orchestrate the sales process, from beginning to end.

Scaling personalized, relevant touches by leveraging technology where it matters and integrating human touch where it counts has been nearly impossible. But with Engagio you can leverage other people in your organization, including executives, to start conversations and drive new business at high-value accounts.


Marketing Executive

Get insights into your high-value accounts and measure engagement so your ABM team can drive ongoing success and measure impact easily.


Field Marketer / Demand Gen

Command your field marketing events and scale your campaigns with real-time account information at your fingertips to ensure programs are on track.


Marketing Operations

Automate reliable lead-to-account matching and set your team up for ABM success with the right data and structure in an account-based world.

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