Get More Meetings and Win Deals Faster in Accounts That Matter

The way companies buy B2B products has changed a lot. As a seller, you need to keep as many as 14 buying group members moving through their decision process and help them filter out noise. You need to win bigger deals at bigger accounts to crush your quota. To do this, you need the right help from your marketing team and automated delivery of insights about what’s happening across your accounts.

Engagio’s Account-Based Engagement platform gives you actionable intelligence on the accounts you care about and visibility into any marketing campaigns that are going to your accounts. With Engagio, you get full visibility into what’s happening at your target accounts so you can spend your time on accounts and activities that will drive maximum results: more meetings, less stalled pipeline, and more deals.

Plan Your Activities with an Accurate Picture of What’s Happening

When your leads are automatically matched to their respective accounts in Salesforce, you can be confident that your data is clean, reliable, and current. Having integrated data across all systems gives you visibility into everything you need to know about an account in one place — which makes it much easier to get a snapshot of your territory and prepare for 1;1 meetings, pipeline reviews and QBRs. Now, you can spend your time and energy on more valuable activities.

Reach Out to Buyers at the Right Time with the Right Message

When you don’t know who in your target accounts is responding to marketing activity, you risk wasting time or missing key opportunities. In fact, 74% of business buyers say sales’ awareness of marketing campaigns is important to win their business, according to Salesforce. With Engagio, you instantly see which people are engaging and where there are gaps. You can access rich account intelligence and detailed interaction histories without ever leaving Salesforce, LinkedIn, or Gmail. You also receive alerts about intent and other demand signals you don’t want to miss.

Make Sure Marketing Dollars Make a Difference

Engagio brings the full advantages of marketing — reaching the right people at the right time, at scale — to your target accounts. At the same time, you maintain control of key contacts at your accounts. No more crossed lines of communication, leads routed to the wrong owner, or target accounts slipping through the cracks.