Problems We Solve for Customer Success

Outsmart the Competition. Spot Churn Risk and Expansion Opps Early.

You have customers to renew and competitors to fend off. And you can’t see what’s happening.

Today’s B2B buying is conducted almost entirely online — and most of it happens out of your view. Making matters worse, the technology that’s supposed to help you understand and connect with your buyers is scattered across dozens of disconnected systems, blurring account-level insight and gumming up the buyer journey.

Reliably renew and expand accounts with Smarter GTM™

Demandbase Account Intelligence lights up when your customers start showing interest in new products or competitors. Win bigger deals and accelerate your sales cycle with the leader and pioneer in account-based experience.


Identify engagement strategies that advance cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Track your customers’ new product intent as it happens and use that insight to keep the interest alive through personalization both on and off your website.


Target customers with personalized messaging

Treat your accounts like the friends they are. Let Account Intelligence guide your way to personalized conversations that lead to upsell revenue.


Deepen brand loyalty through customer-centric experiences

Stay top-of-mind with your customers by using different kinds of content to show how much you care and to remind them you’re just a phone call or email away.


Foster customer growth

Use intent signals to spot customer interest in products you offer that they don’t currently own. It’s like a neon sign showing you how to grow their business.

Unify your GTM team around Demandbase Account Intelligence

You’re not the only one we care about. We’ve got a soft spot for your colleagues too.

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