Engagio’s Product Suite

Engagio’s Account Based Platform enables B2B marketers to successfully execute and measure account-centric programs. With our products, revenue teams can track which accounts are engaging, know where to focus time and resources, and have a shared understanding of program impact.

The platform is flexible to grow with you as your ABM strategy and business needs evolve.

abm data

1. Understand

Integrated Account Data

Combine data from multiple sources, map leads to accounts (L2A), and access account insights anywhere on the web.

Account Analytics

Track engagement, score and prioritize accounts, and measure the impact of your ABM programs.

abm playbook

2. Act


ABM Automation

Scale ABM programs by automating multi-channel actions in response to account engagement or inactivity.

abm analytics

3. Measure

Account Based Attribution

Connect the dots between your ABM programs and revenue.

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