Engagio’s B2B Marketing Engagement Software

Win New Business and Drive Account Growth at Scale

Engagio’s B2B Marketing Engagement Software helps companies to combine the best of account-based marketing and lead-based marketing and empower their marketers and sellers to work as a team. 

Target and understand accounts, people, and buying centers. Run tightly coordinated plays with marketing and sales touches that move accounts through your unique customer journey. Gain insight from precise journey analytics and accurately measure engagement and ROI. 

  • Engagio Foundation: Unify fragmented data from marketing and sales systems to create a single view of your account, people, and activity data.
  • Analytics for Marketing: Analyze account engagement, define your unique account journey, and track progress to predict pipeline and drive revenue.
  • Scout for Sales: Book more meetings and accelerate sales cycles with personalized territory insights and alerts about accounts that are most ready to buy.
  • Orchestrate: Design and automate high-impact plays across advertising, sales engagement, marketing automation, direct mail, and CRM to drive more meaningful interactions at scale.
  • Dash: Measure the impact and ROI of every interaction across Sales and Marketing with multi-touch attribution.

B2B Marketing Has Changed. Are You Ready?

Successful B2B marketing requires much more than creating awareness and passing leads. You now have a different job: To guide account journeys that consist of long-running, coordinated plays in which marketers and sellers work closely together at every step. 

Marketing No Longer Owns the Top of the Funnel

New privacy regulations like GDPR and the rise of sales engagement tools mean that many Sales teams send more email than Marketing.

Marketers Must Do More at the Bottom of the Funnel

Sales reps can’t possibly talk one-to-one to every stakeholder in a large buying committee all the time. Simultaneously engaging multiple personas is exactly what Marketing is good at.

Non-Linear Buying Breaks the “Baton Handoff” Model

The buying process is increasingly non-linear, making the traditional handoff between Sales and Marketing ineffective.

Recurring Revenue Puts More Focus on Post-Sale

Most marketers only focus on generating new business, but the rise of recurring revenue models means that the vast majority of revenue is generated after that initial sale. 

Account-Based Marketing Matters 

Inbound marketing results have flattened at the same time that companies are trying to win larger deals at accounts in their ideal customer profile (ICP). Marketing shouldn’t focus on leads while Sales focuses on accounts. 

Cross-Channel Coordination Raises the Odds of Breaking Through

The explosion in marketing noise has made it more difficult to reach buyers through digital channels. Coordinated human and digital touches stand a much better chance.

Engagio Brings Marketers and Sellers into Sync

If your old job was to pass a relay baton, your new one is to pass a soccer ball down the field to help your seller score a goal. Yesterday, you pushed campaigns out to leads in your database. Today, you need to integrate your work with Sales to create meaningful interactions for individual members of an account’s buying group. 

Engagio offers the best way to do this coordinated work: supporting sales cycles, accelerating deal velocity, and working more efficiently together with Sales. Only Engagio gives you the ability to deliver precise insights to Sales, run people- and account-based plays from one system, and measure engagement and ROI across all marketing and sales touches 一 based on your company’s unique account journey


Target people, accounts, and buying groups


Align Marketing and Sales into a tight revenue team


Orchestrate high-impact multi-channel plays at scale


Measure what’s working and prove impact and ROI

The Benefits of the New B2B Marketing Approach

Working together with your Sales team’s efforts, Engagio helps you accelerate pipeline, create repeatable growth, and increase customer lifetime value. 


More Pipeline

Engagio improves effectiveness of campaigns with better targeting and helps outbound teams focus efforts on the best accounts. Customers have seen 25% more pipeline from warm prospecting powered by Engagio and a significant lift on ABM programs.

Better Decisions

With journey analytics and multi-touch attribution spanning sales and marketing interactions, you can measure ROI and shift dollars to the most effective programs and plays. According to Forrester, this can result in a 36% reduction in spending on ineffective programs.

Efficient Scale

Scale the most effective account-based marketing and sales plays to more accounts. Customers like Snowflake have used Engagio to accelerate ramp-up of new sales hires and territories to drive 4x growth.

Time Savings

Engagio eliminates hours that you could spend joining and analyzing data from multiple systems. Customers have saved more than an hour a day, resulting in at least $25,000 in savings per year.

Better Alignment Between Marketing and Sales

According to TOPO’s 2019 Benchmark survey, the #1 indicator of account-based success is the coordination between Marketing and Sales. Ninety-five percent of customers using Engagio report better Marketing and Sales coordination on programs.

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