Create A Target Account List That’s Just The Right Size

Goldilocks did it.
You can too.

Not too big. Not too small. That’s the sweet spot you’re looking for. The size of your target account list impacts your efficiency. So you want a list that’s just the right size for you. Plug your numbers into our target account list calculator and get ready to hit your account-based goals.

A few tips before you get started with the calculator. Save time and use our pre-filled funnel values based on industry best practices. Or change it up to reflect your business. Play around with it to get exactly the right number. Do separate calculations for each sales team. SMB. Enterprise. Verticals. Whatever. When you’ve calculated each one, add them together and you’ll have your ideal list size.

1. Enter your sales information
2. Adjust funnel information
0 accounts per rep.

What’s next? Target the right accounts.

You’ve taken the first step. Now that you know how many accounts to target, you need to find out who to engage. We approach the list-building process like this:

  • Evaluate your current customers. Create a look-alike model.
  • Let your named accounts be your guide. Include both verticals and strategic accounts.
  • Search your data. Generate a target list of companies and validate the list with your sales team.
  • Use our account identification technology. Determine which accounts are most likely to buy and discover the best people to contact at each company. Want to see it in action? Check out Demandbase One™.

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