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Predicting the Future of B2B Marketing: 3 Things to Watch For in 2020

The future of marketing is an endlessly fascinating topic. After all, who doesn’t want to know the future? Yet while predicting the future is interesting, there’s no denying that it’s also a serious business. Whether or not your team accurately predicts the market can determine which business ideas succeed and which fail, where money is […]

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How Do You Measure a Lead-Based and an Account-Based Funnel Side by Side?

For years, marketers have been trained to think in terms of leads, and we built out models to measure success and track leads as they move through the buying process. Then, a new go-to-market strategy came along called Account-Based Marketing, where everything is built around the account. People thought you had to choose between a […]

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4 Ways to Humanize Marketing with Empathy and Build Better Relationships with Buyers

We have more marketing and sales technology to connect with customers today, but they’re tuning us out. Why? Because marketers and sellers are using technology in a way that is creating barriers to customer connection. For example, I was talking with a VP of Marketing at a learning platform about helping their SDR team get better […]

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