Why Engagio for ABM?

Why There’s a Need to Change, Now

Traditional demand generation is no longer enough in B2B marketing. Account Based Marketing (ABM) applies time-tested B2B marketing and sales principles to the challenge of selling to businesses by targeting company accounts rather than individual leads.

ABM creates hyper-personalized interactions—far more specific and relevant than traditional marketing—that enable Sales and Marketing teams to land more accounts and expand existing ones, even in the most complex sales environments.

Benefits of ABM

Greater efficiency—ABM focuses 100% of time and funds on a smaller number of accounts that are most likely to close sales.
Bigger wins—Contract value for targeted accounts is generally 40% higher for mid-market accounts, and 35% higher for enterprise accounts.
Increased close rates—One study reported close rates 285% higher for targeted enterprise accounts, and 165% higher for mid-market accounts.
Better ROI—97% of marketers who have tried ABM report a higher ROI than other marketing activities.
Sales and marketing alignment—ABM forces Marketing and Sales to work together. 70% of ABM users report that their Marketing and Sales departments are mostly or completely aligned.
Improved customer experience—84% of ABM marketers report improved customer relationships that led to retaining or expanding accounts. 65% say ABM provided significant benefits to attract new customers.

A Vision for the Future

At Engagio, we believe that in the 1-to-1 future, Marketing and Sales is not about pushing unwanted product at consumers who try to avoid your messages. It’s about using intelligence to help connect people to products and services that add value to their lives, and doing so in a relevant and useful way.

That’s why it’s critical to have the right technology to support this powerful go-to-market strategy. An open platform that allows you to understand, act and measure activity at company accounts is your key to success.

Getting Started with ABM has Never Been Easier

With the amount of information at your fingertips and the advancement in technology, you can get your ABM program up and running faster than ever before. We’ve built a platform to help you execute a successful ABM strategy.

Use Engagio for:

  • An Account Foundation to provide a single view of accounts
  • Orchestration to manage and automate multi-channel programs
  • Measurement to track and prove what works and what doesn’t

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