Engagio Delivers the Demand Unit Waterfall™

engagio delivers waterfall

In 2017, SiriusDecisions released the Demand Unit Waterfall™, which has become the de facto model for B2B organizations. Today, Engagio releases new capabilities that make delivering the new waterfall easier than ever before!

Current marketing platforms can’t support the complexities of B2B purchasing decisions. These lead-based systems aren’t designed to track multiple stakeholders along with key account signals resulting in missed revenue

Engagio’s new capabilities help revenue teams act on insights and track activities of buying groups throughout the customer journey.

Specifically, Engagio delivers the Demand Unit Waterfall™ with:

  • Engagement by buying group persona and product interest
  • Customizable account journey stages that align with business needs
  • Tailored account intelligence that can be sent to Sales and other groups at scale

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