The Engagio PlayBook

Design & Orchestrate the Best Account Based Everything Plays!
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Everywhere you turn, people are talking about Account Based strategies, but what does implementing it really look like?

It’s all about coordinating personalized Marketing, Sales and Customer Success efforts to open doors and deepen engagement at specific accounts. We call these efforts “Plays.”  

So, what does a coordinated Play look like?

  • Who on my team needs to get involved?
  • What is the right flow of touches?
  • What actions does each team member take?
  • Which channels should you use?
  • What should you say in your messaging?
The Engagio Playbook

Your plug-and-play guide to becoming an ABE game-changer!

In The Engagio PlayBook, we reveal the exact Plays our Sales, Marketing and Customer Success teams run, complete with scripts, templates and plug-and-play directions. 

Download the entire PlayBook and get access to all of the following Plays:

Engagio’s Sales & Sales Development Plays

  • The Core Prospecting Play
  • The Door Opener Play
  • The Trigger Event Play
  • The Deal Acceleration Play
  • The Executive Alignment Play
  • “Shake the Tree” Play
  • ADR to AE Handoff Play

Engagio’s Marketing Plays

  • The Live Event Play
  • The Upsell/Cross-Sell Play
  • The Customer Advocacy/Marketing Play
  • The Surprise and Delight Play

Engagio’s Customer Success Plays

  • The User Onboarding Play
  • The 90 Days From Renewal Play
  • The Declined Use Play
  • The Churn Prevention Play

Learn how to coordinate a multi-touch, multi-channel and multi-player Plays for your target accounts at scale.

This PlayBook could be the beginning of alignment and hyper growth for your revenue team!

Time to orchestrate human connection at scale. Get your copy of The Engagio PlayBook and become an Account Based Everything Superstar today!