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Weekly Webinar Series

After releasing Engagio’s NEW Clear and Complete Guide to ABM Analytics, we wanted to break it down even more.

That’s why we’re putting together this fresh, 4-part webinar series to break down the “new skool” B2B marketing metrics and analytics.

Each session is a bite-sized 15-minute session with an ABM expert:

  • ABM Measurement – The New Metrics for Account-Based Strategies with B-girl Heidi Bullock (view the replay)
  • ABM Foundation – Moving from MQLs to MQAs with B-girl Charm Bianchini  (view the replay)
  • ABM Success – Analytics and Account Journeys with B-boy Brandon Redlinger (view the replay)
  • Thurs, Mar. 22 at 10am PT: B2B Marketing Metrics – Connecting Marketing Programs to Revenue with B-boy Grant Grigorian

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All ABM Analytics Breakdown Sessions

Heidi Bullock, CMO of Engagio
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ABM Measurement:
The New Metrics for Account-Based Strategies

View the replay

Metrics and analytics are critical in any facet of marketing, and ABM is no different. However, traditional demand gen metrics aren’t enough. Here’s the new way to measure and analyze marketing programs.

Charm Bianchini, Head of Demand Gen
charm bianchini

ABM Foundation:
Moving from MQLs to MQAs

View the Replay

Companies have long used Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) to designate leads they consider worthy for Sales. But ABM is account-centric, not lead-centric. It’s time to move to  Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQAs).

Brandon Redlinger, Dir. of Growth

ABM Success:
Analytics and Account Journeys

View the Replay

Establishing your ABM funnel and defining how accounts move through that funnel is a critical aspect of measuring your marketing efforts. If you can’t do that, you won’t know how to positively impact revenue. Here’s how.

Grant Grigorian, Dir. of Product Mgmt.

Markering Attribution:
Connecting Marketing Programs to Revenue

Thurs, Mar. 22nd at 10am PT

Measuring impact and proving ROI is marketing’s holy grail. It’s no easy task. However, it’s finally possible for B2B marketers to determine which programs work, which don’t, and most importantly how programs affect revenue. 


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