GioThe Whale

    Giovanni la Balena was never like the other whales in the sea.

    As a young calf off the coast of Naples, while the other whales were swimming and singing, Gio was developing advanced algorithms to map the krill supplies in the sea.  Gio’s information management system led him to the prime location, with the healthiest and most abundant food.

    As Gio got older, he realized that he had to connect with other whales, throughout the ocean, in order to get more accurate data.  Gio, by now one of the strongest and fastest whales, started to network with other progressive whales and sea creatures.  He would give them the best feeding locations in exchange for their up-to-date data.  Soon his information was so great that sea creatures all around the world were trying to get Gio to give up his information.  Local mermaids, blowfish, sea horses and fish of all kinds wanted what he had.

    Gio knew he had something special, something that everyone wanted, but how could he expand?  He was thinking big… whale big!  He wanted to share his project with all those whales, so he created the World Wide Whale to connect his fellow mammals.  But that was too limiting, and not all the sea creatures spoke whale.  So he developed a new code (Humpback Tail Mammal Language – HTML) that everyone could understand.  This worked out great and so he developed more technology to expand his business.  This included Sea++, Wi-Fin, Coral Paintshop, and Mackerelo.

    Gio’s business grew so big that he had hundreds of fish working for him, but there were still animals out there that didn’t know about his product or how great it was.  Gio couldn’t bear the thought of lost customers and sank into a deep depression.  There had to be a better way, there just had to be.

    One day, Gio disappeared and didn’t come back for three years.  In that time, he traveled around the world, including incognito trips onto the land.  He learned from the wisest creatures in the world, from the four corners of the globe, and took all of this information to a secret laboratory at the bottom of the sea.   After years of non-stop epiphanies and transformative ideas, he developed a single principal that he could use to grow his business in profound, efficient, and breathtaking ways.

    He called this new system, Engagio.

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