Build the Right Data and Structure for an Account-Based World

The backbone of every successful B2B Marketing organization is the right data and operations. Without this, you’ll continue to spend hours, if not days, manually connecting leads to accounts, building audiences for campaigns, and trying to determine which campaigns have the best impact.

Matching leads to accounts is critical. Otherwise, leads slip through the cracks, get routed to the wrong owner, and don’t get scored properly.

Engagio’s B2B Marketing Engagement software unifies the fragmented data stored in CRM, marketing automation, and other marketing systems to provide a consistent view of accounts, people, and activity data. With this integrated dataset, your revenue teams can:

  • Effectively target the right people at the right accounts with relevant messages
  • Run coordinated plays that include multiple marketing channels and sales outreach, without a lot of manual effort
  • Stay on the same page with a “single version of the truth”
  • Monitor early-stage account progression and measure the impact of every marketing and sales interaction

Automagically Match Leads to Accounts

Engagio offers the most complete solution to match leads to accounts (L2A) in near real time. As a result, your company can route leads accurately, prioritize outreach, and deepen coverage in the accounts that matter.

Dynamically Build Audiences

Your Marketing team can precisely segment your account list and build audiences based on persona, account, behavioral history, intent, journey stage, and more. Since these lists update themselves dynamically, you can get out of the business of building one-off spreadsheets for each campaign. You can also create segmentation templates for your Marketing team to use when building lists, so they follow best practices every time.

Make Marketing Automation Work Better

B2B marketing is account based, but marketing automation is still structured around leads. Engagio gives you a way to execute account-based journeys through your existing marketing automation system. Define your target buyers and journey stages in Engagio and trigger actions and programs in your marketing automation system. Engagio removes a lot of the spaghetti from your smart campaigns.

Use Reporting to Set the Stage for Marketing and Sales Alignment

Engagio offers the best measurement of early impact within accounts. Engagement analytics, advanced journey analytics, and personalized territory insights keep Marketing and Sales aligned and working from a common understanding of what’s happening at target accounts. Best of all, they won’t need your help to get ready for ABM standups or territory reviews.

Measure Results with Multi-Touch Attribution

Engagio Dash is an account-based, multi-touch attribution solution that incorporates both marketing and sales interactions to provide more comprehensive ROI measurements. In addition, advanced journey analytics create visibility into Marketing’s impact at every stage of your company’s unique account journey, which you define.