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Empower Your Team to Do B2B Marketing the New Way

B2B marketing has changed, and so has your team’s role in the account journey. Sellers are taking a much bigger role at the top of the funnel, while marketers must do more at the bottom of the funnel to support account growth post-sale. Your team must evolve from sequential “lead passing” to provide ongoing guidance and collaboration, working together with sellers on a series of simultaneous plays that move each member of the buying group through an account journey.

Engagio’s B2B Marketing Engagement software arms your team with the data, tools, and measurement capabilities they need for this new style of B2B marketing. 

Run Cross-Channel, Cross-Department Plays

It’s much easier to cut through the noise with plays that combine digital and non-digital marketing tactics and personal outreach from sellers. With Engagio, your team can scale these plays to more of your best-fit accounts.

Engagio customers have experienced:

  • 25% of pipeline created from warm prospecting powered by Engagio
  • 30% increase in overall pipeline
  • 10% improvement in pipeline velocity

Engagio is the only platform that is both people- and account-based, so you can craft interactions that are meaningful both to the person whom you’re engaging and the account that’s moving through a customer journey.

Learn about Engagio Orchestrate.

Align Marketers and Sellers

Your most important success factor is how well your team can work with sellers. According to SiriusDecisions, when teams are aligned across the revenue organization, they see an average of 19% faster revenue growth and 15% higher profitability. 

The most fundamental first step is for marketers and sellers to look at the same data, and Engagio makes this simple. Marketers get an account-based view of their campaigns, and sellers see demand signals, marketing activities, and engagement insights in Salesforce.

Ninety-five percent of customers using Engagio report better Marketing and Sales coordination on programs.

Measure ROI and Impact

measure ABM

Engagio Dash offers multi-touch attribution and advanced journey analytics so your team can measure the impact and ROI of every interaction, including marketing campaigns and sales touches. The only multi-touch attribution solution that’s account based at its core, Dash supports more effective budgeting and gives you a way to easily prove Marketing’s impact, even on early funnel stages.

Over 500 Business Leaders Surveyed
2019 ABM Market Research Report

2019 ABM Market Research Report

Data-backed trends and insights on the current state of ABM

This report distills the stats you need to know to understand the current state of ABM, and where your peers are succeeding (and falling short.) We’ve identified the top challenges related to ABM, what companies are investing, and where those budget dollars are going.

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