Marketing Executive

Get actionable insights into your high value accounts. Create and measure engagement so your ABM team can land and expand target accounts at scale.

Create Engagement

Creating engagement at high value accounts requires Marketing to work in an orchestrated fashion with Sales. This is true whether your team is running integrated programs and field events, nurturing existing opportunities that have gone dark, or working with strategic customers to drive account expansion opportunities. In each case, automation is too blunt – Sales wants to maintain control and you need the personalization benefits of a true human touch.

But coordination with Sales is hard: Did they approve the list? Send their emails? Is any of it trackable?

That’s where Engagio comes in. With Engagio’s Account Based Marketing Automation Platform, Marketing can run account-based plays that streamline Marketing and Sales coordination to penetrate target accounts, accelerate pipeline, and drive account expansion.

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Measure Impact

As a marketing leader, it is essential that you have visibility and insight into the accounts that matter most. Unfortunately, your current technology and processes probably don’t support scalable reporting at the account level. To ensure you are spending your budget and resources in the right way – across programs and people – you need the ability to understand which initiatives are working not just to create pipeline but at all stages of the customer journey.

Engagio integrates seamlessly with Salesforce CRM and your current marketing automation, so getting started is easy.


Field Marketer /
Demand Gen

Command your field marketing events and scale your campaigns with real-time account information at your finger tips to ensure programs are on track.


Marketing Operations

Automate reliable lead-to-account matching and set your team up for ABM success with the right data and structure in an account-based world.



Get a real-time view of the accounts you care about most to understand where you need coverage and who is taking actions. 

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