Scale Coordinated Account Plays Using Multiple Channels across the Customer Lifecycle

B2B Field Marketing and Demand Generation must work more closely with their Sales counterparts than ever before. Privacy regulations and digital noise have shifted more lead generation onto Sales and sales development teams, while Sales now depends on marketers to support them at every stage in the account journey.

Engagio’s B2B Marketing Engagement platform empowers you to partner with sellers, arm them with actionable intelligence, and move their deals forward with the best combination of account-based marketing and lead-based marketing. It also gives you an effective way to measure engagement and ROI across marketing and sales touches.

Engage Both Accounts and People Within the
Buying Group

Engagio is the only platform that is both people- and account-based. As a result, you can target segments based on persona, account, behavioral history, intent, customized journey stage, engagement or inactivity, and more.

» Marketing to leads isn’t enough. Traditional marketing assumes that leads act independently as they
research a solution, but B2B reality is that we sell to multiple people in an account. Gartner research
found that an average of 12 to 14 individuals participate in larger purchases.

» Marketing to accounts isn’t enough. At the same time, each buyer is taking his or her own path to
discovery, based on his or her job, interests, and role in the buying decision. We sell to accounts, but we
have to engage each individual on their terms.

With Engagio, you can build personalized campaigns that combine the best of lead- and account-based marketing: They’re meaningful to the person you’re engaging but also based on the context of the account as it moves through a customer journey.

Target Precise Campaigns to Segmented Audiences

Easily segment data integrated from multiple systems — including CRM, marketing automation, corporate email and calendar, your website, intent, and custom channels using our API — to create precise audiences of people and accounts. Gain more accurate insights about your account journey and deliver better targeting for more relevant campaigns.

Run High-Impact Plays in Multiple Channels

Run plays that bring together the best capabilities of your team and your marketing stack, tapping into our full segmentation capabilities. Engagio integrates with CRM (Salesforce), marketing automation (Marketo, Salesforce, Pardot, HubSpot), website personalization (Marketo, Drift), ad platforms (LinkedIn, Terminus, etc.), sales engagement (SalesLoft, Outreach), direct mail (PFL, Sendoso), and more.

Bring Motion to Stalled Pipeline

Sometimes opportunities stall when sellers can’t get to the right people within the account. With Engagio, you can run campaigns targeted to key buyers or to reactivate buyers who are not directly engaging right now.

Get Aligned with Sellers

TOPO’s 2019 Benchmark survey found that the #1 indicator of account-based success is the coordination between Marketing and Sales. Sellers need to know about the marketing campaigns that are affecting their most important accounts, and Marketing needs to know if Sales followed up on accounts that are showing demand signals.

The Engagio Foundation provides the most important first step: a common set of data for marketers and sellers. It makes this common dataset actionable with engagement and journey analytics for Marketing as well as territory insights and account heatmaps for Sales.

Ninety-five percent of customers using Engagio report better Marketing and Sales coordination on programs.

Measure Your Impact

Engagio offers an account-based, multi-touch attribution solution that measures the impact and ROI from both marketing and sales interactions. Our advanced journey analytics provide the best ABM measurement, analyzing coverage within accounts, deepening relationships, and proving early impact before an opportunity is created.