Introducing NEW Sales Activation Tools

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It’s time to change the conversation.

A successful account-based strategy depends on a partnership between Sales and Marketing. To do ABM well, Marketing must play a critical role in providing the Sales team key insights so that deals move faster and you never miss an opportunity.

Engagio is proud to announce Sales Activation Tools, a powerful and scalable set of capabilities that provide customized account insights! Marketers can proactively notify Sales with relevant and timely information to create pipeline and close more deals with:

  • Territory Digests – Send weekly territory snapshots so AEs and SDRs know exactly what’s happening in their patch and can effectively prioritize activities for the week.
  • Account Insights in CRM – Simplify access for Sales by allowing them to see exactly who’s doing what, right inside the Salesforce account page.
  • Alerts – Create ongoing subscriptions to notify Marketing and Sales teams on important scenarios as they happen (e.g., engagement from executives at target accounts with no open opportunity). Provide real-time notification of key events that require immediate follow-up, (e.g., activity from accounts with open opportunities scheduled to close within 90 days).

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Read Engagio’s latest ebook, Marketing and Sales Activation: The Next Level of Alignment

In this ebook, we cover 3 critical areas to ensure Sales and Marketing work effectively together to drive the desired business outcomes from ABM.


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