Single Source of Truth

Connect Your Go-To-Market Data with Intelligent Matching

Automatically capture all customer-facing activities and create contacts, leaving no gaps across the buying committee

Leverage best-in-class lead-to-account matching to ensure every member of the buying committee is tied to the right account

Create a single view of sales and marketing engagement to improve alignment at each stage of the buying journey

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Unified Account Inbox

Get full visibility into the conversation your revenue team is having with each member of the buying team

See all emails and meetings between your company and your target account

Automatically log outbound emails, inbound emails, and meetings as tasks to CRM

Configure security settings to meet your team’s needs

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Buying Committee Engagement Heatmaps

Get a 360° view of engagement across each key persona in the accounts that matter most

See exactly which stakeholders are engaging, right inside the Salesforce Account and Opportunity pages

Gain visibility into how key personas are consuming marketing content or when you last met

Get the crucial account-based insights you need to find and accelerate deals

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Custom Alerts and Territory Digests

Alert Sales to new engagement or lack of follow-up

Know where to focus with Weekly Highlights of the most engaged people, accounts, and new Marketing Qualified Accounts

Use cross-object segmentation to customize alerts that span account, lead, opportunity, and activity data with personalized subscriptions

Make better decisions with the engagement insights needed to close deals faster

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Chrome Extension

See actionable account insights on any web page

Get instant access to account dashboards, recent emails, most engaged people, and more

Use it in Salesforce, LinkedIn, Gmail, etc. — anywhere you already work

Integrate with LinkedIn Sales Navigator for even more insights

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Enterprise-Grade Security and Trust

Engagio Enterprise-Grade Platform is built with Security, Compliance, and Trust in mind

SOC 2 Type II certified: This certification is reserved for organizations that have demonstrated standard operating procedures for organizational oversight, vendor management, risk management, and regulatory oversight over a length of time

Dynamic Roles and Permissions give you full control over how each team member views data

Integrations with your technology stack aligns revenue teams, elevates your programs, and automates multichannel campaigns

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