Precise Segmentation and Audience Management

Dynamically create audiences for personalized campaigns

Use powerful cross-object filters to create segments not possible in traditional marketing automation

Create precise audiences with just a few clicks using buyer persona, journey stage, behavior, intent, recent sales activity, target account status (fit with ICP), and more

Push audiences to third-party platforms (e.g., LinkedIn) to orchestrate across channels

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Cross-Channel Play Automation

Automate multi-channel actions in response to account engagement or inactivity

Trigger sales plays in CRM (Salesforce) and sales engagement systems (SalesLoft, Outreach)

Orchestrate actions in marketing automation (Marketo, Salesforce Pardot, HubSpot) and manage advertising audiences in LinkedIn

Connect to additional channels via Salesforce, including website personalization (Marketo, Drift), account-based advertising platforms (Terminus, Demandbase, Rollworks), direct mail (PFL, Sendoso), and more

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Account-Based Advertising

Manage dynamic audiences automatically with account-based advertising platforms (LinkedIn)

Get more from LinkedIn advertising campaigns with precisely targeted audiences

Automatically move accounts across campaigns as they move through their journey to generate awareness, accelerate sales cycles, and drive cross-sell

Orchestrate ad campaigns with other channels (e.g., turn ads on and off automatically based on responses to campaigns in other channels)

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Automated Customer Data Management

Automate data management processes with CRM and marketing automation actions such as Create Task, Change Data, and Add to Campaign

Update status fields automatically as Sales or SDRs work accounts

Clean and normalize account, lead, and contact data automatically

Stamp fields with current date or engagement minutes to manage workflows and optimize measurement

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Cross-Sell Plays

Expand accounts and grow your lifetime customer value through automated campaigns

Identify demand signals based on product-specific engagement

Trigger the appropriate action across marketing and sales channels

Automatically follow up with relevant product information and alert your sellers

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Customer Retention and Advocacy

Orchestrate actions for at-risk customers and advocates who will promote your brand

See which accounts and personas are engaging using heatmaps

Launch an advocacy marketing campaign and trigger account manager outreach

Segment customers based on inactivity and trigger retention campaigns

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