Analytics for Marketing

Work Smarter with the Industry’s Most Powerful Account-Based Analytics for Engagement and Journeys

Account-based marketing focuses on quality, not quantity. Therefore, it requires different analytics than traditional lead-centric demand generation.

Engagio Analytics for Marketing gives you an efficient way to analyze account engagement, define your unique account journey, and track progress in the accounts that matter to you and your Sales team. It goes beyond the simple IP-based web tracking that other ABM vendors call analytics to deliver a comprehensive view of what’s happening at target accounts. As a result, your sellers can prioritize time on the best accounts, while you can predict pipeline and measure the effectiveness of your ABM initiatives.

Best ABM Measurement

Visualize engagement and report on the leading indicators that matter in ABM

Coverage: Do you have the right people in your database? Where are the gaps?

Awareness: Are target accounts and buying groups aware of your company and its different solutions?

Engagement: Do the right people and right accounts spend time with you? Where?

Journey Analytics

Understand account progression through your unique journey

Implement the SiriusDecisions Demand Unit WaterfallTM or define your own custom account journey

Track core journey metrics — balance, movement, conversion rate, and velocity — by stage and by account list

Drill into each metric by segment, industry, territory, and more

Account Scoring

Prioritize target accounts and personas based on engagement

Identify which accounts and which personas have the best engagement and opportunity

Use heatmaps to see where engagement is happening (persona, product, segment, etc.)

Sync custom scores with Salesforce and marketing automation

Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQAs)

Move from a lead-based funnel to an account-based funnel

Identify hot accounts, not just hot leads

Base MQA definitions on the depth and breadth of engagement

Get flexibility and precision with advanced MQA rules based on title, activity, product, and more

Territory Analysis

Analyze engagement by territory to find gaps and opportunities

See which territories have lower engagement and may need additional Marketing support

Prioritize Marketing efforts where they are needed the most

Get the information you need to prepare for territory reviews and QBRs

Deal Story

Highlight the key activities, people, and timeline for a deal

Showcase the important contributions from the marketing and sales teams that made the deal happen

Optimize marketing investment based on what buyers use most in each stage

Deliver insights for sales coaching on where to invest time to get the best win rates

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