ENGAGE ABM Automation

Automate actions in response to account engagement or inactivity

Introducing NEW Sales Activation Tools

Engagio’s ABM Automation capabilities help B2B marketers scale their ABM programs by automating multi-channel actions in response to account engagement or inactivity. And now with NEW Sales Activation Tools, you can easily set up Alerts at scale – enabling any level of marketer to provide customized information to Sales to generate quick wins for the team.

Answer sophisticated questions such as which target accounts have had VP-level web visits, are currently Stage 1 opportunities but have had no sales touches in the last two weeks.


Dynamically select audiences

  • Create lists of people, accounts, opportunities, and activities
  • Use powerful “cross-object” filters to create segments not possible in traditional marketing automation
  • Use templates to allow less technical users to create complex filters easily


Notify sales of critical account actions

  • Alert Sales about account engagement or lack of follow-up
  • Send real-time alerts, as well as daily or weekly roll-ups, so that sales can proactively take action
  • Customize alert templates easily to highlight information most critical for each individual rep


Take action from a broad set of multi-channel capabilities

  • Automate processes with Salesforce and marketing automation actions including Create Task, Change Data, and Add to Campaign
  • Launch Sales action with integrations to Outreach and Salesloft
  • Create engagement with ABM advertising integration, including LinkedIn Ads (coming soon)


Define “if this, then that” scenarios

  • Eliminate manual tasks by automating key ABM account and data processes
  • Activate ads automatically for accounts with low engagement
  • Schedule automations to run in real-time or on a recurring schedule


1. Understand

Integrated Account Data

Account Analytics


Now delivering the Demand Unit Waterfall™

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ABM Automation

Introducing NEW Sales Activation Tools

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