SCOUT Account Insights

Improve relevance with Account Based Marketing insights about people and companies, all in one place.

Sales reps don’t want to login to another tool – they want account-based insight and action in the tools they already use.


Customer facing employees can harness the power of Engagio anywhere with Scout, the Engagio Chrome extension. Get insights. Take action. Sell more.

Engagio Everywhere

See actionable account insights and coordinate ABM plays on any webpage

Use it in Salesforce, LinkedIn, Gmail, your mobile browser – anywhere you already work

Auto-detect the account or person you’re looking at

Access account engagement details right in Salesforce account and opportunity pages

Account Dashboard

Get the important information you need about account engagement, people, and opportunities

See hot leads and account engagement highlights

Create shared account plans

Integrate with Sales Navigator for even more insights

Unified Account Inbox

Get full visibility into the conversation your company is having with an account

See all emails and meetings between your company and the target account (even if reps don’t log them)

Coordinate your interactions with the rest of your organization

Configure security settings to meet your team’s needs

People Insights & Management

See detailed profiles and increase data quality without disrupting your work

Add new leads and contacts from LinkedIn and Gmail

View and edit lead and contact fields from anywhere – sync changes to CRM

Identify people who are “No Longer with Company”

Run Plays

Launch account-based Plays to orchestrate interactions with high-value accounts

Access your entire playbook and start plays right from Salesforce, LinkedIn, or Gmail

Send one-off trackable emails

Edit the first step without having to leave the screen


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