Installing Scout

Engagio Scout is the all-in-one Chrome Extension for B2B Marketers, Sales Reps, and Customer Success Managers to execute your Account Based Marketing quickly and easily from anywhere.

See Engagio Scout in action!

Step 2) Add to Chrome

Click “Add to Chrome.”

Add Engagio Scout to Chrome

Then click “Add Extention.”

Add Engagio Scout to Chrome – Confirm

Step 3) Verify Icon Shows Up

Click the icon pointed above and it will bring you to the Engagio login page.

Add Engagio Scout to Chrome – Engagio has been added

Step 4) Login if Needed.

You may need to log in to Engagio if it’s your first time, click on the icon to log in.

login into Engagio

Verifying Installation

If you know that Engagio has finished syncing with your Salesforce data, head over to Salesforce and navigate to your favorite Account.

You should see the Engagio charts prominently displayed.

SFDC – Account Engagement

Here’s a preview of how Scout should look in Gmail.

Engagio Scout – Gmail – Communication History

Speak with an Account Based Marketing Specialist to learn more!


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