DASH Account Based Attribution

Connect the dots between marketing and revenue with multi-touch attribution and journey analytics

Engagio’s Dash Account Based Attribution is a native Salesforce AppExchange app that delivers insights into revenue performance through multi-touch attribution and journey analytics.


Unlike other attribution tools, Dash is account-based and integrated with the Engagio Foundation so you can get a complete ABM measurement solution.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Measure the ROI of individual online and offline programs and channels

Optimize marketing budget investment decisions

Compare attribution models including First Touch, Last Touch, Equal Touch, Position Based, Time Decay, and custom — don’t pay for additional models

Understand which initiatives impact early stage account activity and those that help accelerate deals

Journey Analytics

Measure how accounts convert through the SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall® and other account-based frameworks

Analyze every stage of the customer journey (including upsell and cross-sell) and optimize your account-based funnel

Measure flow, balance, conversion rate, and velocity by stage and account type

Track key metrics over time with snapshots inside Salesforce

Sales Dashboards

See all your analytics in native Salesforce dashboards

Build trust by showing the results of your initiatives right inside Salesforce

Use out-of-the-box Salesforce dashboards to show attribution at every stage of the customer journey

Create custom reports using your existing Salesforce skills


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