Engagio Releases PlayMaker to Orchestrate Account-Based ‘Plays’ Across Departments and Channels

PlayMaker Enables Companies to Create High Value Opportunities by Orchestrating  Multi-Step, Multi-Player Human Connections to Engage Target Accounts

SAN MATEO, CA — November 17, 2016 — Engagio, a leader in the rapidly growing “Account Based Everything” revolution, announced today that it has released PlayMaker, a new SaaS product that enables companies to orchestrate human connections across multiple communications channels and departments to create high-value revenue opportunities. All of Engagio’s Account Based Everything solutions, including PlayMaker, are fully integrated with Salesforce.com and work on Gmail as well as Exchange/Outlook. Engagio also integrates with leading marketing automation platforms.

PlayMaker is a key component of Engagio’s Account Based Everything solutions, which empower companies to deploy highly personalized and scalable marketing and sales efforts that engage their best prospects and customers, drive more pipeline and close deals faster. Founded in 2015, Engagio’s rapidly growing base of customers includes major enterprise technology and SaaS companies that have embraced Engagio’s trusted Account Based Marketing, Sales and Sales Development platform.

“To land the big ‘whales,’ you’ve got to use spears, not nets,” said Jon Miller, founder and CEO of Engagio. “PlayMaker is the sharp tip of our Account Based Everything spear. In fact, B2B companies today need new tools like PlayMaker to help them successfully engage buying teams that have become bigger and more complex.  At the same time, inbound marketing activities have reached a point of diminishing returns. PlayMaker enables sales and marketing departments to collaborate more effectively in orchestrating outbound efforts that leverage the essential human touch to win more business faster.”

“Even though we are just getting started using Engagio, we believe it will be instrumental in the ongoing management of our account based go-to-market strategy,” said Chris Travis, Director of Marketing Ops at GT Nexus. “PlayMaker is already playing a key role in helping to coordinate our marketing, sales development and sales efforts to execute plays across our accounts and in specific accounts as well.”

Key features of PlayMaker from Engagio include:

  • Multi-Step – PlayMaker orchestrates each step in the play, from the initial email outreach to multiple account contacts, to phone follow up and nurturing activities. PlayMaker allows companies to make a play from scratch, run plays in batch, or launch plays based on account-level triggers.
  • Multi-Player – Effective engagement of high value accounts requires the ability to reach out to a growing number of contacts, from front line managers to C-level executives, and that takes more than just lone sales development reps (SDRs). With PlayMaker, multiple players on the selling/marketing team can engage multiple account team contacts with relevant, human interactions.
  • Multi-Channel – PlayMaker enables companies to engage customers and prospects across the full spectrum of communications channels, including email, social, demand gen, phone and even direct mail. In fact, sending a top prospect a bottle of Champagne is just one step in a PlayMaker-enabled account-based play.

“One of the most important benefits of Account Based Everything solutions like PlayMaker is the ability to eliminate business-killing ‘robo-spam’ in the sales development process,” added Engagio’s Jon Miller. “PlayMaker gives marketing and sales teams the tools and processes to engage with prospects at scale, but always with a critical human connection instead of generic automated templates.”

To learn more about PlayMaker and the Account Based Everything revolution, download Engagio’s newest book The Clear & Complete Guide to Account Based Sales Development. This new guidebook follows Engagio’s recent book, The Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing.

About Engagio

Engagio enables companies to orchestrate highly scalable human connections that engage their best prospects and customers, creating more pipeline and closing deals faster. Large enterprises and fast growing mid-sized companies use Engagio’s Account Based Marketing and Sales solutions to expand customer relationships, drive account conversion and strengthen alignment between sales and marketing. Backed by leading venture investors and headquartered in San Mateo, CA, Engagio is pioneering the Account Based Everything revolution. To learn more, visit www.engagio.com.

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