Engagio Launches Enhanced Marketing Qualified Account Functionality to Help Marketers Implement and Measure New Account-Centric Demand Funnels

Expanded MQA Functionality is Key Part of Company’s Marketing Orchestration Platform, Enabling Marketers to Orchestrate Account-Based Initiatives and Drive More Revenue Faster

SAN MATEO, CA — May 17, 2017 —Engagio, the leader in the rapidly growing “Account Based Everything” revolution, today announced significant enhancements to its industry-leading Marketing Orchestration Platform, enabling marketers to implement and measure account-centric demand creation in a more accurate and scalable manner. With the new enhancements, Engagio helps marketers to measure account-based funnels and prioritize target accounts using Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQAs).

With Account Based Everything continuing to build strong momentum among B2B marketers worldwide, leading analyst organizations have responded by unveiling new account-based demand funnels. These new funnels require marketers to rethink how they measure Account Based Marketing (ABM) initiatives. Instead of being lead-centric, the new funnels encourage companies to identify and progress accounts from target to customer.

Because Engagio has been account-centric from the start, the company’s Marketing Orchestration Platform helps marketers and their sales partners to operationalize and measure this new type of demand creation and the new funnels. Additionally, the new enhancements to Engagio’s platform offer more flexibility and precision for marketers in defining and measuring MQAs. This makes it easier for them to prioritize accounts of interest and focus follow-up activities on their best opportunities.

“A key part of the new account-based funnels is the ability to prioritize demand by scoring account engagement,” said Jon Miller, founder and CEO of Engagio. “We believe our new MQA functionality makes Engagio the single best solution out there to operationalize any account-centric measurement system.”

Engagio’s newly enhanced tools incorporate customizable filters that expand marketers’ control in measuring and ultimately determining MQA status. The filters include:

  • Minutes – The amount of time a target account (or specific persons within that account) spends with your organization. Engagio calls these “engagement minutes,” and they are essential metrics for leveraging the new account-based funnels.
  • People – For many marketers, knowing exactly who – and what job level – has engaged with your company is a critically important part of defining whether they are a MQA. For example, a company might require a certain amount of engagement from key personas in specific buying centers, and at least some engagement from a senior executive, to move the account into MQA status.
  • Actions – These are specific actions taken by a target account that can also play a key role in defining an MQA. For instance, if a particular demo is accessed by two different people at an account, that could be cause for designating a target account as a MQA. Engagio allows you to specify which actions confer MQA status, and which don’t.
  • Time Frame – “When” the account engagement takes place can be just as important as “how” much time is involved. This filter allows you to count only the engaged minutes that have taken place within a specific time-frame: e.g., recently.
  • Exclusion List – Engagio’s newly enhanced solution also enables marketers to exclude certain accounts from being considered as MQAs. These could be partners or companies that don’t fit your account prospect criteria.

“We have now seen the new account-based waterfall and it’s clear to us that Engagio is the only platform that really supports it, “said Kristen Wendel, Director Marketing Operations for VersionOne. “The Engagio ABM platform was built from the ground up with the tools that are essential to implementing the new account-centric waterfall. My recommendation to anyone looking to operationalize these new ABM demand models is first to get Engagio.”

“The new account-based funnels provide a much-needed mechanism to conceptualize the complexity of today’s buying cycles,” said Amanda Ovenden, Director, Marketing Performance Management, Allocadia. “Those funnels can only be optimized if marketers can also measure interest/readiness at the account level. Engagio was the perfect solution for us to gain the visibility we needed into account funnels and engagement, especially with their leading ‘engagement minutes’ measurement capability.”

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