Engagio Delivers the Demand Unit Waterfall™

B2B marketers can now identify, track and measure demand units throughout custom buying journeys to maximize revenue missed by traditional marketing automation platforms

SAN MATEO, CA — May 6, 2019 —Engagio, the leading provider of Account Based Marketing (ABM) Automation, today announced that B2B marketers are now able to operationalize The SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall™ with Engagio’s ABM Automation Platform. The new features can now track engagement by buying group and product intent, support customizable account journeys, and help sales act faster on customized account intelligence. Together, they allow revenue teams for the first time to automatically discover and track performance across buying groups within accounts, which was previously only possible through intense manual effort.

“We know that the first signal is often not the best signal, and subsequent interactions from other buyers, oftentimes the second lead from an account, are usually ignored,” said Kerry Cunningham, Senior Research Director, Marketing Operations at SiriusDecisions. “The SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall is designed to accommodate a more account-centric approach to demand creation and demand management so marketers will no longer miss out on meaningful account signals.”

In B2B organizations, there are multiple individuals involved in a purchase decision, and current marketing automation technologies can’t aggregate data at the account level, resulting in missed signals and information. This can be problematic because influential stakeholders and decision makers are not tracked or visible to Sales, which leads to missed pipeline and revenue. The new Engagio capabilities help revenue teams view and take action on buying groups and track their behavior at all key points in the buying journey.

Engagio’s new ABM Automation Platform features help revenue teams use the Demand Unit Waterfall to identify buying groups and track their behaviors along the entire buying journey. They include:

  • Powerful and flexible rules for aggregating data on buying signals across an account
  • Ability to engage the buying group by persona and product intent
  • Customizable account journey stages to align with business needs
  • Tools that allow revenue teams to quickly take action

“SiriusDecisions developed The Demand Unit Waterfall to move away from a purely leads-focused approach, in favor of something more sophisticated, strategic, and reflective of the realities on the ground for B2B sales and marketing,” said Jon Miller, founder and CEO of Engagio. “In our experience, we’ve found that a focus on the right audience in an account generates real results but the technologies to identify and engage account-based audiences have been limited. Our new ability to define custom account journeys and track engagement by persona and product intent makes Engagio the first vendor to deliver on this promise.”

Read more to learn about how Engagio supports the Demand Unit Waterfallhttps://www.engagio.com/waterfall-delivered/

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