• “Engagio takes B2B marketing to the next level, applying time-tested marketing and sales principles to the challenge of selling to businesses by targeting company accounts and individual people,” said Jon Miller, founder and CEO of Engagio. “We are delighted to be recognized by MarTech Breakthrough among the best companies in the field of marketing technology.”

  • SAN MATEO, CA — May 6, 2019 — Engagio, the leading provider of Account Based Marketing (ABM) Automation, today announced that B2B marketers are now able to operationalize The SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall™ with Engagio’s ABM Automation Platform. The new features can now track engagement by buying group and product intent, support customizable account journeys, […]

  • Account Based Alerting Capability Enables Teams to Respond to Account Insights Faster — Resulting in Accelerated Sales Cycles

  • Engagio, a leading provider of account-based software and solutions, announced Engagement Minute Attribution for Dash, the company’s account based attribution solution. Dash is now the first attribution offering that analyzes the impact of both marketing and sales activity together. Other solutions only track the impact of marketing campaigns and ignore sales and SDR efforts, as well as non-campaign activities, such as lead nurturing and web visits. The result is an incomplete view of what is required to drive business outcomes.


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