Our #1 goal in the hiring process is to make sure our candidates have a great experience, whether we make them an offer or not. In the process, we also have to make sure we’re following hiring best practices and staying SOC2 compliant.

To help with these 3 things, we’ve put together Engagio’s Hiring Hub for managers, your one-stop-shop for everything hiring related.


How to be great at hiring at Engagio


Sourcing Overview
How To Source High-Quality Candidates
Referral Outreach Email Template

Preparing for the Interview

Hiring Proces Overview (for SOC2)
Interviewing Best Practices
Job Description Template
Creating a Great Candidate Experience


Reviewing Resumes
Phone Screening Interview and Process
Illegal Interview Questions

Onsite Interview

Behavioral Interviews & Questions
Interviewing for Culture Fit
Conducting Reference Checks (with Email Templates)

Follow up

Rejecting a Candidate (with Email Templates)
Creating an offer letter

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Quick links to best practices

Here are some other helpful resources commonly used by hiring managers:

Resources to send to people before they come onsite:

Resources to for new hires (part of onboarding, so no need to send out):

Resources to help you better leverage Lever:

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Refer a Candidate

Learn more about Engagio’s $2,500 referral program (and how to do it propperly in Lever).



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