The Future of B2B Marketing

How to Prepare for the Future

Adjusting your Sales and Marketing for this new era of B2B, while truly getting these two teams to work together, is the single most important, impactful thing you can do to help your company grow. When Sales and Marketing teams are aligned, their companies see an average of 19% faster revenue growth and 15% higher profitability.

This is exactly why I founded Engagio. Our goal is to make the existing martech stack better with B2B marketing engagement software that delivers the modern capabilities you need to help Marketing and Sales to work as a team at every stage of the account journey.

With the right B2B marketing engagement solution, you can:

  1. Work with Sales as a team, not a baton handoff
  2. Focus on the entire account journey
  3. Market to accounts AND people
  4. Orchestrate plays across channels and departments
  5. Measure the impact of marketing and sales on long revenue cycles

I know all this sounds hard. But you know what else was hard? Back in 2008 when people were adopting marketing automation for the first time, they thought that was hard too. But it became essential for success over the last decade, just as making these changes today will be essential for the next decade.

Fortunately, there are small (but impactful) steps you can take to get started.

You can implement Lead-to-Account Matching (L2A) technology and create a data foundation so Marketing and Sales are looking at the same data. You can start sharing key account insights with Sales, letting them know about things such as engagement from key executives at target accounts, new web visits from accounts they care about, when cold accounts heat back up, or when any of their open opportunities stall out. And you can orchestrate simple plays such as sending a direct mail package, activating LinkedIn ads, and then following up with an SDR outreach.

The benefits of preparing for this new era of marketing is obvious:

  • More pipeline from “warm” prospecting powered by account insights
  • Time savings by automating manual processes and analytics
  • Better scalability of your ABM programs
  • Reduction in spending on ineffective programs based on ROI analytics
  • Better results from marketing spend with better targeting
  • Align and bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing

What Happens if Marketing Fails to Shift?

When I co-founded Marketo over a decade years ago, B2B marketing teams needed a path to earn a strategic role at the revenue table. That era’s tools gave them a way to own the communication with the customer. But, today, things are changing yet again, and marketers need to change with it to be seen as a valuable, strategic part of a company’s growth plan.

After all, you don’t get multiple shots at building, and maintaining, credibility with Sales and the rest of the organization.

Doing more of the same is… well, insanity.

Most marketers today find themselves in a continual struggle to create enough pipeline. It’s a top challenge at a majority of B2B organizations. The traditional model of digital lead generation followed by a linear handoff from marketing to sales no longer generates enough opportunities, or does enough to move accounts through the pipeline to close and beyond. As a result, many companies are missing their pipeline and revenue goals.

But, their solution is often, simply, to do more of the same. We all know that the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again while expecting a different result. Running more ads, crafting more campaigns, and sending more emails is not the antidote to fixing what’s broken.

That’s like trying to take a voyage on a shipwreck.

As we look ahead to the next decade, I’m more confident than ever that it’s time for the next change in B2B — we need different processes, skills, and technology to win. That’s why I founded Engagio, in order to address a NEW dynamic between marketing and sales who sell to target accounts.

It’s time to change the conversation around B2B marketing. The future of B2B is dependent on our ability as marketers to work with sales as a team at every stage of the account journey. Will you adapt?

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