The Future of B2B Marketing

The History of B2B Marketing

Let’s go back to the beginning — not the very beginning, but around 2000. In the first chapter of marketing technology (2000 – 2015) marketing departments became a strategic part of the revenue engine. As I like to say, Marketing evolved from being the department that throws parties and prints color brochures to becoming a real driver of pipeline and revenue.

In this era, Marketing began to own the top of the funnel, using marketing automation tools to send emails, capture and nurture leads, and pass them to Sales who, in turn, owned the deal close and post-sale growth. Marketing was the “owner” of email, controlling the keys to customer communication. This was exciting, and really helped Marketing build credibility and respect.

At many B2B firms today, Marketing is still focused on sending top-of-funnel emails, generating new business leads, and handing them to Sales like a baton pass — in fact, it’s what many teams are measured on. But as we will see, this model is looking increasingly outdated in the face of modern B2B buying.

Watch the Predictions

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We’ve got predictions by Maria Pergolino, Randy Frisch, Katie Martell, Matt Heinz, Justin Gray, Maneeza Aminy, Craig Rosenberg, and Engagio’s own CEO Jon Miller.

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