The Future of B2B Marketing

Where B2B Marketing is Headed Next

Over the last few years, we’ve seen new trends that are forcing a fundamental rethink about our core B2B Marketing beliefs. Each of these would be enough to force change, but together, they represent a fundamental disruption to the marketing status quo:

  1. Marketing is no longer the sole owner of top-of-funnel activity. New privacy regulations like GDPR and the rise of sales engagement tools like Outreach and Salesloft mean that many Sales teams send more email than Marketing.
  2. Marketing is playing a bigger role at the bottom of the funnel. Larger buying committees (12-16 people) mean that sales reps can’t possibly be talking to every stakeholder 1:1 during a sales cycle — yet talking with multiple personas is exactly what Marketing is good at. (In fact, Gartner research found that 83% of customers accessed digital channels even in the late purchasing stages.)
  3. Non-linear buying breaks the “baton handoff” model. The buying process is increasingly non-linear, making the traditional handoff between Sales and Marketing ineffective in serving today’s highly complex B2B buying journey.
  4. Increased focus on post-sale revenue. Most marketers are exclusively focused on generating new business, yet the rise of recurring revenue models and increased importance of expansion revenue mean the vast majority of revenue is generated after the initial sale. This is a fundamental mismatch that needs to be resolved.
  5. Rise of Account Based Marketing (ABM). B2B organizations are realizing it makes no sense for Marketing to focus on leads while Sales focuses on Accounts. Companies are now increasingly focused on winning larger deals at accounts in their ideal customer profile (ICP). These firms are adopting ABM to drive growth, even as results from inbound marketing have flattened due to competition and noise.
  6. Need for multi-channel orchestration. This explosion in marketing noise has made it more difficult to reach buyers through digital channels, making it more important than ever to orchestrate human and digital touches. A human, personalized touch is often more trustworthy, and thereby more effective.

Together, these trends are driving a fundamental redefinition of how Marketing and Sales work to create and win new business and drive account growth at scale.

If you think your job is to send emails and find leads for the sales team; wake up. The ground is shifting. Your role is changing.

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