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Case Studies

See how other B2B companies are successfully leveraging Engagio for ABM.


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What people are saying

  • "Engagio stands out with its intuitive UI and flexible platform. Being able to measure, compare, and score ALL the marketing activities is critical. Our target account's average deal size is now nearly 1.5x larger than non-target accounts."

  • "Engagio is a core component of our company's revenue stack. We are now able to measure, manage and scale our ABM strategy worldwide."

  • "Engagio is crucial to show the success of our team's activities, allowing us to track marketing impact. It's easy to use, and the team has been great to work with, providing a clear onboarding process and best practices."

  • "Engagio is truly blazing the trail at taking ABM mainstream. Every week there’s a new feature or advancement in the product. It’s a fun ride to be on!"

  • "Engagio is a game changer! We now have the power to execute integrated ABM campaigns and measure impact.  It's incredibly intuitive, so you can get up and running quickly. I'd highly recommend Engagio for B2B marketing." 

  • “It’s easy to get started with Engagio. Even a small marketing team is able to deliver immediate value. We've seen a 30% increase in YoY pipeline.”

  • "Tracking individual responses wasn’t an effective way to engage key people at a target account. With Engagio, we’re able to see how everything is moving the needle at each stage of the customer journey."

  • "Engagio has drastically increased the capabilities of our marketing organization. It's a must-have for smart account-based programs."

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