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Account Based Sales Development

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Sales Development is a tough job, and it’s only getting tougher due to:

  • Over-automation and ‘robo-spam’ driving people to ignore your messages
  • Buying teams getting larger and more complex
  • The number of prospecting channels exploding

The answer to these challenges and more is Account Based Sales Development (ABSD).

the clear and complete guide to account based sales development

The Clear & Complete Guide to Account Based Sales Development is your trusted guidebook for the ABSD Revolution.

It’s easy to read and loaded with 142 pages of worksheets, charts, and best practices. Download to learn how ABSD is:

  • Targeted – aimed at selected, named accounts, not huge, undifferentiated leads lists
  • Personalized – based on relevant, crafted conversations instead of standard, one-size-fits-all scripts
  • Multi-channel – maximizing reach by using all channels, not massive spamming campaigns
  • Integrated – a coordinated effort supported by the entire organization, not another silo
  • Strategic – with less emphasis on short-term calls-to-action such as demos and more on high-value engagements such as meetings to share insights or trends

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