Stand Out in 2019 with Video Marketing

As new year planning starts, many companies are asking the question, “How can we stand out in front of our audience in 2019?” Since the buying journey is multi-channel and varied, it is important that marketers leverage various channels to reach their buyers. One channel that is very effective but often underutilized by marketers is video. According to a recent study by The Telegraph, 66% of buyers use video to inform the B2B buying process.  Additionally, 48% of buyers watch videos for 30 minutes to one hour.

The main reason to use video? It helps to humanize the buying journey. People buy from people. In order to beat the competition, you need to form a trusted relationship with your buyer.

Want to learn how to do this effectively? Don’t miss Fast Forward – the premier virtual event for Sales and Marketing taking place Tuesday, Nov 6 – Wednesday, Nov 7. Engagio will be there along with our friends from Vidyard, HubSpot, Sales for Life, etc. discussing how to use video to form a meaningful connection with your buyers.

Engagio has been using video marketing extensively this year and it is a proven channel for us. Here are some of the ways we are using it:

  • Personalized Video Invite: When personalizing the email experience for an individual, we have been able to double our click to open rates
  • Vlog: By switching our blog to include one video a week, we have been able to increase engagement by 4x
  • Social: When using video for social in a casual, informal setting, views rose by 5X
  • SDR Outreach: Forming a human connection early with prospects has resulted in a 20% increase in meetings set

To hear the details on how we did this, as well as other successful ways we leverage video throughout the company, please join me TODAY for my session, Using Video to Form a Human Connection, at Fast Forward!

Charm Bianchini
Charm Bianchini
Charm has over 15 years of experience leading teams in strategic roles focused on revenue generation, marketing programs, customer marketing, marketing operations, and sales development. Charm enjoys spending time with her family, travelling, and volunteering with the Junior League of San Jose.

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