As marketers, many of you reading this understand our jobs have many challenges. There is the continual multitasking like moving between product discussions to working on a user conference, wrestling with technology, when you just need ‘x’ – but getting ‘x’ takes you a week and 2 data scientists. Or the best one, where you meet with the new sales person that believes the website is terrible and if it gets a ‘quick refresh’ all will be better with the world.

For years at Marketo I had challenges, but I was fortunate enough to work with the best marketing team in the business and leverage outstanding technology. Yet, even with Marketo, I had a hard time answering certain questions for my Enterprise sales team or executing account-based campaigns at scale. Some people do not know this, but Marketo originally was heavy SMB and over time moved to focus on the Enterprise. We did a lot of Enterprise marketing. When I left there, we had very successful SMB and Enterprise teams. Yet, much of the work I needed to do on the account level was done manually – usually while I was watching Breaking Bad late at night.

Jon Miller, one of the founders of Marketo, saw these same challenges. Yet, Jon being Jon saw this pain as an incredible opportunity. It was clear that the future of B2B marketing would be different. It would provide the complete view of the customer – from acquisition to loyal advocate. Marketers would be able to transverse between accounts or people, depending on the question they were addressing. Jon went on to found Engagio and build the next generation of marketing technology that was account based. I knew where I wanted to be…

Engagio from day one was special. A start-up with a big vision, powerful ideas, and a team that understood what marketers needed to be successful at their jobs. Engagio took that challenge head on and has created an account-based automation platform that really reflects what happens in B2B – marketing to multiple individuals, sending critical insights to sales to help them know when to act, and importantly a clear visualization of what is working at the account level or not.

I have never worked at a company where I have believed in and loved the vision so completely. I was able to come in early and help develop the path (with many great folks!) for a product that would help me and other marketers…significantly. I could see the impact daily using our product whether it was with our own marketing and sales stand-ups or even how fast I could understand what initiatives were effective at the account level.

Yet, as we know, nothing is forever. After a wonderful run, I have decided to leave the company to pursue leadership roles at larger companies. It was a hard and nontrivial decision to make. I am sad because I will miss the amazing team, but I feel happy to try new things and grow my career in different directions.

I will forever be grateful to Jon Miller who I worked with closely at Marketo and at Engagio for giving me the opportunity of a life time. I have learned so much from my colleagues and feel nothing but gratitude.

Engagio is a company that lives and breathes marketing and no doubt will be an immense success. While I may be moving on, I am pleased to join as an advisor and participate in the new Marketing Leadership Advisory Council. I look forward to watching the company continue to rapidly grow and make strides – that are very meaningful for all marketers. Lastly, I am excited to see the new faces and fresh ideas that will make up the next chapter.

Jon Miller adds: I wanted to finish this post with a personal thank you to Heidi for her leadership and support of Engagio. Heidi and I worked together at Marketo, where I was always impressed by her creativity, energy, and positivity – as well as her accomplishments as a speaker and thought leader. She was instrumental in creating the demand that fueled Marketo’s growth, and I knew I wanted her to join Engagio as CMO even before I founded the company.

Heidi brings energy, excitement, passion, and execution to the job every day. She’s been an amazing spokesperson for the brand and worked tirelessly to propel the company forward. During her time at Engagio, Heidi has:

  • Defined our company vision and mission to create meaningful marketing by building the next great marketing platform
  • Served as the voice of the customer and helped us refine our story and focus on the marketing buyer
  • Created thought leadership and led multiple product launches including Dash Account-Based Attribution; Multi-Channel Orchestration; ABM Automation; Sales Activation Tools; and Configurable Account Journeys
  • Upgraded our analyst relations (including delivering a “Cool Vendor” from Gartner and “Strong Performer” in Forrester’s ABM Platform wave)
  • Helped us grow our ARR by more than 3X
  • And so much more….

A change like this is sad, both personally and professionally, but the reality is that Heidi is experienced and capable of leading a much bigger team and larger budget than she currently does. I’m excited for Heidi’s next adventure as I know she will do amazing things, and I look forward to continuing to work with her, both as a customer and as an advisor to the company.

With Heidi’s departure, I will step in temporarily to provide marketing leadership, and we will hire a VP Marketing when the right person comes along. In the meantime, Engagio continues to thrive, delivering great B2B marketing thought leadership; working with amazing customers like Vonage, New Relic, Pendo and Snowflake; and delivering exciting new account-based functionality that redefines what companies can do with their marketing platforms. We’re building a lasting company with a great team and culture, and we’re hiring aggressively. (Know anyone that would be a fit? Let me know!)

Heidi, thank you again for everything you’ve done for Engagio. You will be missed by so many across the organization, and most especially, I’ll miss working with you every day.

Heidi Bullock
Heidi Bullock
Prior to joining Engagio, Bullock served nearly 5 years in marketing positions at Marketo, eventually becoming Group VP, Global Marketing following the company’s 2013 IPO. Bullock began her career as a product manager in the life sciences industry, after graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a degree in molecular biology and genetic engineering. Later, she earned a MBA at St. Mary’s College of California.

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June 25, 2019 at 4:06 pm, Ray Carroll said:

Thank you Heidi for a great run! -Ray


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