How to Create an Account Based Smart List

Mentally react with a 👍if this task list sounds like something you have done or thought about doing.

For what it’s worth, this process would actually work decently well, but it’s time consuming and probably not the “highlight” of your day to say the least. There has to be a better way…

I totally agree, Grace Kelly

Today, Engagio released Sales Activation Tools and at the core of this release are Engagio Selectors. You can think of Selectors as an Account Based Smart List.

Similar to a Smart List, Selectors give you a canvas to build your list logic and filters. Unlike a Smart List, you can generate more than just lists of People, Selectors can output lists of Accounts, Opportunities, and Activities.

A Selector that generates a list of Target Accounts that have a web page visit from a CXO, VP, or Director in the past 3 months

Why can’t I use Salesforce or Marketing Automation to do this?

Lists of People are valuable and have been a key part of a marketers’ job for decades, especially with the rise of Marketing Automation. However, with the wave of Account Based Marketing, Marketers are now forced to go into multiple platforms to create their lists for ABM programs. This is challenging because there are limitations in each system that prevent marketers from querying exactly the data that they want. Let’s look at the pros and cons of creating a list in Salesforce or Marketing Automation.

Pros and Cons of building an ABM List in Salesforce or Marketing Automation

So Engagio magically solves this?

Yes! By integrating with both Salesforce, Marketing Automation and more, Engagio is able to combine the best of both worlds, giving you the ability to output different list types (People, Accounts, Opportunities) based on cross-object data that would have previously taken hours to produce…if you could even get the data you wanted in the first place.So Engagio magically solves this?

So, you don’t have to choose one or the other. Selectors provide all the pros with no cons (at least no cons that we’re aware of 😉)

Now shown side by side with Engagio, here is an example of where each system would fall off when attempting to answer an ABM question:

Example of where each system would fall off in being able to answer this question

What can I do with an ABM Smart List?

Great, you’ve created this super compelling list of Accounts with all of these filters that give me exactly what I want…now what. Here are two things you can do now, and a preview of what will be coming soon with Engagio.


Reports to help your Sales team

I like to think that salespeople generally care about two things…creating pipeline and closing deals. Here are four Reports powered by Selectors that should help them do just that.

Best Practice Engagio Reports for Sales

And here is an example of the email that they would receive that includes direct links to Engagio and Salesforce for each record to follow up on the insights directly from the digest.

Example Engagio Digest

Take Action

In addition to sharing the insights from these lists with Sales and Marketing team members, you can also “Take Action” on the People or Account lists. A popular action amongst our customer base is using these new lists to add people to Sales Automation.

This is a much faster, better, stronger way of finding the people (Leads & Contacts) you want to prospect to from accounts with the right attributes and dynamically add them to the right Sequence/Cadence.


The next evolution of Selectors will be with Automations and Audience Management. Now that you can query your data in a powerful way, we will give you an automation engine to real-time and batch actions. For example…

Do you want to automatically add a key persona from a target account to a specific Sales Automation Sequence/Cadence? Meet your new friend, Engagio Automations.

Do you want to dynamically add a list of accounts to a LinkedIn Matched Audience for specific ad targeting? Meet your other new friend, Engagio Audience Management.

More to come soon on both of these features, so stay tuned!

Want to learn more?

If you enjoyed this article and/or you have literally gone through those steps at the beginning to create an account list here are a few resources to learn more.

For Engagio Customers, the Product Management team will be leading a webinar introducing the new features on May 2nd.

Chris Pope
Chris Pope
Chris heads up the Product Consulting team at Engagio, bridging the Sales and Product teams. Chris spent the last four and a half years at Marketo, most recently as the Director of Solutions Consulting. Chris started his career in IT sales at Lanlogic, a Microsoft Partner based in Livermore. Chris holds a BBA in Finance & Marketing from Loyola Marymount University.

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