How Do You Use ABM to Follow Up With Your Conference or Trade Show Leads?

Dreamforce can be a goldmine for networking, brand marketing and building relationships. Reps often walk away with a stack of business cards and people to follow up with.

However, to get the most out your Dreamforce investment, you must master your follow up game. Your field marketing campaigns must be streamlined and coordinated with Sales. To drive new business, accelerate opportunities, and sell to current customers, you must coordinate and scale personalized outreach. But what does this actually look like?

After talking with customers, partners and prospects at Dreamforce, they were curious to hear about our passageway to conference and trade show follow up. In today’s vlog, I answer that question and reveal how we’re using ABM in our post-Dreamforce conference strategy.


How do you use ABM to follow up with your conference or trade show leads? Hey everyone, Brandon Redlinger here, director of growth at Engagio and brace yourselves – the Dreamforce follow-up emails are coming! Yes, so we are now just finishing up Dreamforce and a question that I kept getting from a bunch of our customers and partners are how’s Engagio following up with all these leads.

So I’m gonna outline the three things that we are doing. So we are segmenting our list, we are going to look at the account insights to deliver a personal relevant message and then we’re gonna launch an orchestrated play. So let’s dive in.

First thing that we’re doing is we’re segmenting our list so I want to look at who are the key personas within my target accounts and then I’m going to take everyone else, I’m okay with using marketing automation to send everyone else a generic follow-up. But for the key people that we care about the most at the target accounts, I want to make sure my message to them is personal, is relevant and it’s timely.

So after I have these people here, the second thing that I am going to do is look at my engagement insights within that broader target account. So I want to see are there other conversations going on with other people at that account with maybe someone else at my company? I want to look at things like what is the type of content that they’ve been engaging with in the past? I want to look at all these other things that will give me a better idea of how I can send a more personal, relevant and timely message.

And then the third thing that I’m going to do is launch my orchestrated play. So our play that we have lined up, it’s a five step play and the first one is your email. It’s a generic one-to-one email. And a few things I want to say about this is I’m a big advocate of following up with these leads immediately.

I know the approach that a lot of people are taking out there these days is “everyone’s sending their follow-up emails right away, so I’m gonna actually wait a few days.” If everyone is saying that and my inbox has shown that the last few years, people actually do tend to wait for Dreamforce. Now it could be because they’re saying that or they’re just not on top of their game, but I really highly encourage you to send those emails up, those follow-ups immediately and as quickly as possible.

And then another thing that I am really big about is not using “Dreamforce” in the subject line. It just says hey everyone, I’m just a rep following up from Dreamforce. But if you can make a subject line, like what I’m using right now is “Hey, Jane, it was nice to meet you!” See, that sounds like a very personal and relevant message that someone would actually send, not following up from Dreamforce. That’s so generic. I don’t wanna send that email.

The second touch in my play, in my orchestrated play, is going to be a phone call a few days later and if they don’t answer, that will be immediately followed up with a reply over from my first email. The next step, step number four, I’m going to use Sendoso to send some direct mail and then number five a few days later, I’m just going do a generic “hey, are you still interested in ABM and Engagio?” I just want to re-ignite that conversation, just kind of spark that a little bit and I’ve had great success with them just saying, “Yeah, I am actually. Tell me a little bit more.” Or no is actually the second best answer. The worst thing is no response or keep following up with them, no response, no response, no response. It’s wasting your time, it’s wasting their time so again no’s the second best answer. I really like that one.

And then the last thing that you can actually do is drop them into just your nurture campaign. Drop them into the campaign that you know is working and try to create some engagement that way. Alright so those are the things that we’re doing at Engagio to follow up with our Dreamforce leads.

I hope that was helpful, and I will see you next time. Thanks, bye.

Brandon Redlinger
Brandon Redlinger
Brandon Redlinger is the Head of Growth at Engagio, the Account-Based Marketing and Sales platform that enables teams to measure account engagement and orchestrate human connections at scale. He is passionate about the intersection between tech and psychology, especially as it applies to growing businesses. You can follow him on twitter @brandon_lee_09 or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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