4 Marketing Planning Tips to Start the New Year Off Right

The New Year as a marketer is a high-stress time. It is an opportunity to embark on optimistic initiatives bundled with the challenge of working on revenue kickoffs and quarterly business reviews. Before you feel too anxious, here are 4 handy tips that have helped me over the years and maybe one or two of them will save you some time!

1 – Create a Plan of Record (POR). Know what your goal is for the year and what the breakdown is per segment, product line, or geography. Get formal sign off from Sales and Marketing leadership.

plan of record

2 – Make your plan a reality. Once the POR has been created, understand how you will hit the number. Time to bust out that calculator app and do the math.

marketing by the nubmers

3 – Determine your initiatives and programs. Once the numbers are clear, figure out your initiatives and programs that will support the numbers you need to hit. Check to see if there are gaps as there probably will be! For example, our estimate below shows these programs will generate an estimated $7M – that may not be enough.

program details

Often you may not have the exact amount of budget or people to feel like it’s a slam dunk. You may need to make some critical optimizations or if you are lucky to secure more budget or headcount. Identify 1-3 things you WILL make better. For example, at Engagio we are working on improving our ADR performance. We are doubling down there because for us that is what will impact the business the most.

4 – Communicate with Sales and know what Sales cares about. Now that you have your numbers and plan of attack, it’s critical to communicate to Sales. Many of us do this at kick-offs. For your revenue or sales kick off make sure you know what Sales really cares about. While you may be implementing some cool new digital tactics, that isn’t the top item to cover. For reps, I like to show the territory plan and how marketing will support them specifically.

  • Start with the current state. For a territory and key set of accounts, where are we doing well – and which accounts need attention?

rep performanceHere I am using Engagio to understand where Marketing needs to spend more time and where Sales needs to reach out more.

  • Attack the territory. For accounts that need attention (need to drive engagement) – we may do a verticalized direct mail initiative for Q1.

integrated abm playThis is a simple example of how we support Sales. We let them know when the packages go out and we provide them with follow up emails.

  • Establish an ongoing process to check in with sales. I like the idea of an account stand up (even if it’s on the phone) to see which accounts need attention. The key is being open to where Marketing needs to act or where Sales needs to do more.

account driversHere I am using Engagio to look at key accounts for a territory. I am trying to understand where Marketing needs to drive more engagement with programs and where Sales could actively reach out.

Hope this was helpful! Here is to crushing 2019!

Heidi Bullock
Heidi Bullock
Prior to joining Engagio, Bullock served nearly 5 years in marketing positions at Marketo, eventually becoming Group VP, Global Marketing following the company’s 2013 IPO. Bullock began her career as a product manager in the life sciences industry, after graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a degree in molecular biology and genetic engineering. Later, she earned a MBA at St. Mary’s College of California.

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