3 Pokemon Go Lessons Applied to Account-Based Marketing & ABE

At this point, you’ve probably seen or been a part of the many human herds roaming parks, neighborhoods and downtowns in search of rare and elusive Pokemons. Excited at the prospect of catching a Staryu or Pikachu and leveling it up, you’re constrained by only the battery life on your old iPhone. Not even a Philz or Starbucks coffee can deter your selfless mission unless there were a Pokestop nearby, then perhaps you’d consider dropping in.

It’s official – Pokemon Go fever has swept up trainers of all ages across the world, not unlike Account-Based Everything (ABE) fever that’s captured the attention of marketing and sales leaders across the world.


Pokemon Go players take to the street to hone their craft.

ABE and Pokemon Go are more alike than you might think – there are actually many similarities between the two. Here are 3 that I found:

#1 – Everything in One Place

In Pokemon Go, there’s an area called a Journal that many particularly passionate players go to review what Pokemon they’ve caught and look at their recent activity.

When practicing Account-Based Everything, it’s important that you see all of the activities from key stakeholders under an account in one place. That way, you know exactly who to touch and when; monitoring carefully who’s engaging at each account will certainly help you close deals faster.


Understand who’s engaging at your target accounts.

#2 – Use Lures Strategically

In Pokemon Go, you can set 30-minute lures to attempt to draw Pokemon to a specific location of your choice. By using lures strategically, you can get a windfall of desirable Pokemon, but lures are limited, so trap wisely.

At the 2016 Marketo Summit, Josh Hill of MarketingRockstarGuides.com and I presented ABM Success Path – Infrastructure & Secrets Revealed to a packed house. People were so interested in the topic of ABM, that close to 50 marketers had to wait for 10 minutes outside the auditorium while planners double-checked to make sure we could accommodate everyone.


Marketers waiting to hear about ABM at Marketo Summit 2016.

The takeaway for Account-Based Everything is that once you’ve established your key accounts and the target personas at those accounts, it’s important to craft a compelling message and deliver it at the right time. Just like in Pokemon, you have a limited amount of lures you can use, so make sure you craft and deliver your message intelligently to fully engage your target.

#3 – Practice Makes Perfect

You won’t be able to collect and develop Pokemon by sitting at home on your couch. Ask any of the folks playing Pokemon in the streets and they’ll tell you you’ve got to put in the hours to see results.

Many organizations have begun to discuss and even implement ABE at their organizations, but in order to see real revenue results, you’ve got to roll it out with the right tools, then iterate.

Regardless of where you’re at in your ABE journey, we’ve got a couple of resources to help you blow out your numbers. Watch Engagio CEO & Former Marketo Founder Jon Miller present the Seven Steps to ABM Success and download the Clear and Complete Guide to ABM.

Brandon Redlinger
Brandon Redlinger
Brandon Redlinger is the Head of Growth at Engagio, the Account-Based Marketing and Sales platform that enables teams to measure account engagement and orchestrate human connections at scale. He is passionate about the intersection between tech and psychology, especially as it applies to growing businesses. You can follow him on twitter @brandon_lee_09 or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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