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According to a recent report to SiriusDecisions, organizations implementing and measuring ABM are seeing 99% better engagement with ABM accounts, 80% improved win rates, 73% higher deal sizes, and 91% improved ROI. In other words, ABM works!

But not all organizations are there yet. That’s why we put together the ABM Success Kit. We’ve talked to and helped thousands of organizations implement and optimize their programs, so we wanted to share some of our top resources to help you take your program to the next level.

ABM Success Kit

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Target Account Selection ebook

This is one of the most foundational and critical pieces to get right. Everything is made easier by selecting the right accounts. Here is Engagio’s playbook for selecting the right accounts.

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ABM Foundation Checklist

Checklists help establish a clear strategy and a high standard of performance. Use this complete checklist to help you ensure all bases are covered every time you launch a new ABM campaign.

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Blueprint For Sales Activation ebook

In B2B, silos don’t work. In this ebook, we will cover the three critical areas to ensure Sales and Marketing work effectively together to drive the desired business outcomes from ABM.

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Talk with an ABM Expert

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Here’s what you can expect to cover in this conversation:

  • Is ABM right for your organization?
  • What technology is right for ABM?
  • How can you get started quickly and easily?
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