Scout for Sales

Empower Sales with Personalized Territory Insights and Alerts on the Accounts that Matter

Successful B2B selling is a long game that starts well before an account becomes sales qualified. Engagio Scout for Sales provides deep account insights that help sellers prioritize their efforts based on engagement signals and keeps them on the same page with their partners on the Marketing team. By aligning Marketing and Sales with a shared view of the truth, Scout for Sales supports the winning formula of tight teamwork to close deals.

Since the last thing your Sales team wants is another tool, Scout for Sales delivers intelligence daily to their inboxes and sits inside their existing Salesforce pages. A Chrome extension brings insights to LinkedIn, Gmail, and other websites they already use.

Personalized Territory Insights

Get a 360° view of engagement in the accounts that matter

Drill into accounts to see exactly which stakeholders are engaging, right inside your Salesforce account page

Gain visibility into how marketing campaigns are moving your accounts through the pipeline

Get the crucial account-level insights you need to find and accelerate deals

Account Heatmaps

Visualize who is engaging with your company and who is not

See which parts of your target account are lighting up and which need your time and attention

Identify new buying committee members and prioritize outreach to the people who want to hear from you

See where your team’s marketing campaigns are moving the needle

Territory Digests

Get the insights you need to sell better, customized to your territory and delivered right to your inbox

Use territory highlights to prioritize your time, including which accounts are visiting the website anonymously

Identify the hottest accounts and most engaged executives who need immediate follow-up

Know which open opportunities need more executive alignment


85% of B2B sales reps who receive alerts say these alerts help them do their job better (Salesforce State of Sales report)

Alert Sales to account engagement or lack of follow-up

Use Engagio segmentation to define sophisticated alerts that span account, lead, opportunity, and activity data

Set up customized alerts for 100s of sales reps instantly with our unique personalized subscriptions

Chrome Extension

See actionable account insights on any web page

Get instant access to account dashboards, recent emails, most engaged people, and more

Use it in Salesforce, LinkedIn, Gmail, your mobile browser — anywhere you already work

Integrate with Sales Navigator for even more insights

Unified Account Inbox

Get full visibility into the conversation your company is having with an account

See all emails and meetings between your company and the target account (even if reps don’t log them)

Log outbound emails, inbound emails, and meetings as tasks to CRM automatically

Configure security settings to meet your team’s needs

People Insights & Management

See detailed profiles and increase data quality without disrupting your work

Add new leads and contacts from LinkedIn and Gmail

View and edit lead and contact fields from anywhere — sync changes to CRM

Identify people who are no longer with an account that’s assigned to you

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