Engagio Foundation for B2B Data

Unify Fragmented Data for a Single View of Accounts, Opportunities, People, and Activities

You can’t be account based when your systems aren’t. Traditional marketing technologies are lead based, and important information about accounts is spread across disparate systems. Just running campaigns to target accounts doesn’t give you a way to coordinate with Sales, aligned around a common dataset.

The foundation at the core of Engagio’s B2B Marketing Engagement software provides your revenue teams with a consistent view of account, people, and activity data. It lets you precisely target audiences based on persona, account, behavioral history, intent, journey stage, and more. And, it keeps everyone on the same page with a “single version of the truth” about engagement and progression within the accounts you care about.

People- and Account-Based Data Platform

Make your marketing operations account based by connecting marketing and sales data from multiple sources

Organize data across disparate systems to create a complete view of accounts

Unify multiple individual and account identities to create a single view

Push the best data back to CRM and marketing systems

Lead-to-Account Matching Engine

Get the industry’s most complete solution to match leads to accounts (L2A) in near real time

Use fuzzy logic to match on email, company name, and custom fields; smart tiebreakers handle duplicate accounts

Route leads accurately based on account status

Augment lead records with accurate account data (industry, employees, etc.)

Engagement Minutes Engine

Track the time that your target accounts are spending with you to gain an accurate view of their engagement at every buying stage

Assign minutes for all activities, not just web visits; include email, content downloads, event attendance, sales meetings, calls, and more

Give more weight to activities from key personas or titles

Create custom categories for engagement, such as by product so you can identify expansion opportunities

Segmentation Engine

Build lists of your best-fit accounts and people, then slice and dice them into  segments and audiences

Create precise segmentations with just a few clicks using buyer persona, account/customer journey stage, behavior, intent, recent sales activity, target account status (fit with ICP), and other attributes

Use powerful cross-object filters to create segments not possible in traditional marketing automation

Use templates to allow less technical users to easily create complex filters

Account Journey Engine

Your unique account journey is the foundation of customer experience and ABM measurement

Establish each stage in your journey, from awareness to marketing qualified account (MQA) to close, upsell, and growth

Implement B2B marketing best practices like the SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall™

Use account journeys to trigger marketing and sales plays, measure account progression, and attribute progression to specific tactics

Data Integration

Connect to your existing systems quickly and easily

Connect to multiple systems, including Salesforce (AppExchange certified), Marketing Automation, corporate email (Gmail or Exchange), your website, and intent providers

Integrate natively with Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, and Salesforce Pardot

Import custom data via API

Data Augmentation

Make your Salesforce data better with intelligent connections to email and other systems

Capture activities natively in Salesforce

Log outbound emails, inbound emails, and meetings as tasks to CRM automatically

Create custom segmentations such as Persona, Account Tier, and Job Level

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