Unified Account Data

Connect siloed marketing and sales data with our B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Integrate multiple data sources to create a complete view of accounts

Unify multiple individual and account identities to create a single view

Push the best data back to CRM and marketing systems

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Lead-to-Account Matching Engine

Get the industry’s most complete solution to match leads to accounts (L2A)

Use fuzzy logic to match on email, company name, and custom fields; smart tiebreakers handle duplicate accounts

Route leads accurately based on account status

Augment lead records with accurate account data (industry, employees, etc.)

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Engagement Scoring Engine

Deliver transparent insights on account engagement and progression

Track where target accounts spend time using a flexible minutes-based model.

Assign minutes for all activities, not just web visits, and create custom categories, such as product engagement, to identify expansion opportunities.

Assign minutes based on your unique business so marketing and sales trust the results, unlike with predictive-only or black-box scoring.

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Intent Data Scoring and Alerts

Use intent insights to take the right action as early as possible

Provide Marketing and Sales with timely, transparent and privacy-compliant insights.

Add intent as a journey stage or as part of account scoring to give sales transparent views of who is surging on topics that matter for your business.

Set up alerts right out of the box to enhance how intent data is used to score accounts and prioritize actions.

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Data Integration

Bring siloed sources together quickly and easily

Connect to existing systems, including Salesforce (AppExchange certified), email (Gmail or Exchange), your website and more, and custom data via API.

Integrate natively with Marketing Automation including Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, and Salesforce Pardot

Connect to Bombora intent data out-of-the-box for immediately actionable intent insights

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Data Augmentation

Make your Salesforce data better with intelligent connections to email and other systems

Make it easy to identify where new contacts and account data are needed and identify and create contacts automatically based on emails/calendars

Log outbound emails, inbound emails, and meetings as tasks to CRM automatically

Create custom segmentations such as Persona, Account Tier, and Job Level

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