SCOUT Account Insights

The all-in-one Chrome Extension for B2B Marketers, Sales Reps, and Customer Success Managers to execute your Account Based Marketing quickly and easily from anywhere.

Scout gives Marketers and their sales counterparts actionable insights and lets them coordinate ABM plays on all major platforms, such as LinkedIn, Gmail, and Salesforce.

  • Engagio Scout is an all-in-one Chrome Extension that gives you intelligence, visibility, and the power to create and measure engagement at high-value accounts.
  • Detect leads and accounts, then display the corresponding data on any page.
  • Update fields in Salesforce in real-time, from anywhere.
  • See all communication history between that account and your company.
  • Build account plans and orchestrate plays without leaving your current page.

Quickly and easily access the important information that you need on any account in the Account Dashboard.

Engagio Scout – LinkedIn – Account Dashboard
  • Your most important Engagio charts are now in Scout and go with you wherever you go on the web.
  • View important information on account engagement, people, opportunities, and news.
  • Drill into specific dashboard or charts for a more detailed view.

Get actionable insights to see which prospects are taking what actions at your target accounts with People Management.

  • See who is most engaged at an account.
  • Add, edit or view contact details on the fly, which updates in Salesforce automatically.
  • See recent plays and actions prospects have taken.
Engagio Scout – LinkedIn – People Management

Launch an account-based play from anywhere so you can stay productive and get more done using the Run Play feature.

Engagio Scout – LinkedIn – Run a Play
  • Access your entire play library and start any play to any account at any time.
  • See all plays that are currently running at all your target accounts.
  • Automatically write all activity to Salesforce.

Get visibility into all conversation your org is having with an account so don’t miss important details with Communication History.

  • See all past emails and meetings with contacts at your target account.
  • Get a timeline of the account communication to start piecing the puzzle together.
  • Configure security setting to meet your team’s needs
Engagio Scout – Gmail – Communication History

Manage your daily activities to ensure you’re taking the right actions and you’re up to date with key activities with Task List.

Engagio Scout – Gmail – Task List
  • Quickly see and resolve outstanding tasks.
  • Complete plays whenever you want, wherever you are.
  • Edit Emails directly within Scout before approving them

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