PLAYMAKER Orchestrated Plays

Orchestrate account-based programs across multiple personas, departments, and channels

You won’t engage decision makers at high value accounts simply by sending an automated email or buying an ad.


To connect with the right people at important accounts, you need to reach out in a relevant, human way – but coordinating between marketing and sales isn’t always easy.


Engagio PlayMaker lets you run account-based plays that orchestrate interactions across departments. Scale personalized, relevant touches by leveraging technology where possible and integrating the human touch where it counts.

Account-Based Plays

Run multi-person plays from key individuals on your team to the right people at the target account

Reach out to multiple personas at an account in a coordinated fashion

Assign tasks and automatically map people to the right persona in the play

Create collaboration and alignment between Marketing, Sales, Sales Development, and even Customer Success

ABM Automation

Design intelligent workflows that combine the scalability of marketing automation with the personalization of the human touch

Optimize the sequence and cadence of interactions, both automated and human

Run plays in triggered or batch mode to streamline the right action at the right time

Automate processes by changing data, creating tasks, and updating campaign membership in CRM (coming soon)

Multi-Channel Orchestration

Leverage human email, direct mail, advertising, social media, phone calls, and more to engage with target accounts

Send human emails that drive engagement and encourage replies

Use Cloud Steps to work with LinkedIn, Sendoso, Terminus, AdRoll, Demandbase, Outreach, and other ABM solutions (coming soon)

Integrate with Tenfold for dialer functionality including click-to-call, local presence, and automatic logging

Send on Behalf (Executive Touches)

Improve responses from hard-to-reach executives with plays that leverage your entire organization

Draft and send human emails on behalf of anyone in your company, including executives

Assign responsibility for customization to account owners or SDRs

Senders can review and approve messages before they go out (one at a time or in bulk)

Play Analytics

Understand what plays work best and how individual users and teams are performing

Use the Leaderboard to see email and dial activity; open, click, and reply rates; engagement and MQAs; meetings; and more.

Learn which plays and messages resonate and drive the outcomes you care about

Know which reps are following up on their tasks – and which aren’t

Marketing-Approved Playbook

Help the team follow best practices and stay on brand with reusable play templates

Publish a library of prebuilt plays that queue up the right actions at the right time

Create templates and reusable text snippets for each persona, industry, geography, and campaign

Import field-tested, best practice plays from the Engagio library

Get the Engagio Marketing Orchestration Playbook

Understand what plays work best and how individual users and teams are performing

Event invitations

Meeting scheduling

Account-based prospecting

Deal nurturing

Account expansion

…and more!


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