PLAYMAKER Orchestrated Plays

Multi-channel account-based programs can be very effective at driving engagement and connecting at a human level. However, orchestrating ABM programs across your entire organization can be time-consuming, difficult to execute and even harder to scale.

  • When multiple departments get involved with communication across many channels, lines get crossed, which can kill deals.
  • Fully automated outreach solutions strip away the human element, depersonalizing the sales process – and nothing is a bigger turnoff to prospects.
  • Visibility into programs that involve multiple teams is restricted  – it’s not always clear if key actions have occurred or are consistent.

Engagio enables you to orchestrate account-based plays with confidence and ease:

  • Run multi-person, multi-channel plays across your sales, marketing and customer success marketers from anywhere on the web.
  • Scale personalized, relevant touches by leveraging technology where it matters and integrating human touch where it counts.
  • Design plays your SDRs and Sales team can quickly and easily run against your key accounts for any sales situation.

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