FOUNDATION Integrated Account Data

The foundation of successful ABM always starts with clean data. Without it, you’ll inevitably run into roadblocks:

  • Critical account-level information is often spread across disparate systems, making it hard to have a complete view of an account.
  • Leads in CRM often do not connect to the account, making it hard to route leads to the right owner.
  • Valuable communications in Gmail or Outlook/Exchange do not get logged to CRM, so there is no account-level visibility.

Engagio integrates your account data giving you visibility and control of your opportunities:

  • Map all leads to accounts in your CRM and marketing automation platform so data is clean, organized, and current with Lead-to-Account matching.
  • Synthesize data from your CRM, marketing automation, website, and corporate email so your team has insight into everything they need to know about an account — all in one place.
  • Align your entire revenue team around key accounts.

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