ENGAGE Account Analytics

The industry’s most powerful analytics for Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing requires different analytics than traditional “lead-centric” demand generation – ABM focuses on quality, not quantity.


That’s why Engage Account Analytics goes beyond the simple IP-based web tracking that other ABM vendors call analytics. Engagio delivers a comprehensive view of what’s happening at target accounts, so sales reps can prioritize their time and you can measure the effectiveness of your ABM initiatives.

Engagement Minutes

Know how much time each person and each account spends with you

Assign minutes for all activities, not just web visits

Include email, content downloads, event attendance, sales meetings, calls, and more

Give more weight to activities from key personas or titles; categorize minutes by department, product, and custom fields (coming soon)

ABM Analytics

Visualize engagement and report on the leading indicators that matter in ABM

Coverage: Do you have the right people in your database? Where are the gaps?

Awareness: Are target accounts aware of your company and its solutions?

Engagement: Do the right people and right accounts spend time with you? Where?

Account Scoring

Prioritize target accounts and personas based on engagement

Identify which accounts and which personas have the best engagement and opportunity

Use the heatmap to see where engagement is happening

Sync custom scores with Salesforce and marketing automation

Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQAs)

Move from a lead-based funnel to an account-based funnel

Identify hot accounts, not just hot leads

Base MQA definitions on the depth and breadth of engagement

Get flexibility and precision with advanced MQA rules based on title, activity, product and more

Account Funnels

Move from a lead-based funnel to an account-based funnel

Implement the SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall® or other account-based frameworks

Automate the movement of accounts through stages of the journey

See how any territory or group of accounts maps to the funnel

Sales Insights

Share account analytics so sales team can act with intelligence

Send weekly sales snapshots so AEs and SDRs know exactly what’s happening in their territories

Give sales the insights to prepare for QBRs and deal reviews

Drill into accounts to see exactly who’s doing what, right inside the Salesforce account page

Program Reach and Influence

See how ABM activities influence key outcomes including revenue and pipeline acceleration

Know how well programs and channels focus on target accounts – are they “nets” or “spears”

Understand which programs reach the most target accounts

Measure the influence campaigns have on pipeline and revenue


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