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Account Based Everything

Engagio helps B2B companies to engage target accounts, expand customer relationships, and deepen sales-and-marketing alignment.

How? Our account-based platform complements existing marketing automation platforms with account-centric analytics and the ability to orchestrate outbound interactions across departments and channels.

Account Based Marketing

Streamline account-based reporting and analytics

Use Engagio’s ABM Analytics to know which marketing investments work best to reach target accounts and accelerate deals. Understand which accounts have the best engagement and opportunity for growth. Measure the impact and ROI of your ABM programs.

ABM analytics without spending tons of time in Excel or Tableau. Hurrah!


Do you have sufficient data, coverage, and account plans for each target account?


Are the target accounts aware of your company and its solutions?


Are the right people at your key accounts spending time with you? Is that engagement increasing over time?


Are marketing programs reaching the right accounts? Is there any waste?


How are the ABM activities improving sales outcomes such as deal velocity, win rates, average contract values, retention, and net promoter scores?

Map Salesforce leads to target accounts

Engagio’s lead to account (L2A) matching finds and automatically attaches unconverted leads that should be part of your target accounts. This means you can tie their activity to the right company, route them to the right owner, and get credit for the campaigns that touch them.

We’re big fans of spending less time on manual look-ups!

Be more relevant with account insights

Engagio Insights delivers account communication history and other insights in a convenient browser plug-in so users understand what will be relevant and resonant at target accounts.

A single place to see every email, meeting, and interaction plus information to make communications more impactful? Thanks!

Account Based Sales

Orchestrate plays across departments and channels

Unlike tools focused only on the sales development team, with Engagio PlayMaker you can orchestrate multi-step plays that span channels (email + phone + social + demand gen) and departments (marketing, sales development, sales, and customer success).

Tasks and approvals make sure everyone stays coordinated and sales and marketing stay aligned. What’s not to love about that?

Embrace multi-player account-based communications

When working with target accounts, any one person can ignore you, be on vacation, or get a new job. Working with one contact at a time is too risky!

That’s why Engagio coordinates communications from everyone on your team to everyone at the target account (unlike other sales solutions that only support communications from one person to one person).

Run account-based plays that build relationships with multiple contacts at a time? Sounds good!

Send more human emails

Don’t risk your relationship with the key people at important accounts by sending them generic, automated emails. With Engagio, each email is personalized, reviewed, and sent by a human to drive more meaningful connections.

A fun and easy to use solution for sales email with the human touch? Sign me up!

Speak with an Account Based Everything Specialist to learn more!