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  • Demand Gen Report

    In 2007 it took a little more than three-and-a-half cold calls to reach a prospect. These days it takes eight. Each year it will take more. The trend is rapid and clear. What is to be done?

  • Ad Age

    Three years ago, Miller took the bold step of starting a new marketing technology company, Engagio, based on the recognition that one approach can't solve all challenges. Specifically, Miller became obsessed with reaching executive decision makers and tracking these activities. And once again, he is "drinking his own champagne," using Engagio's software to sell the service. In our interview below, you'll soon discover why Miller's continued success is no fluke and why it is probably time for your company to consider "spearfishing" via account-based marketing.

  • DemandGen

    Heidi Bullock has spent the past 6 years building marketing teams at Marketo and now Engagio. In this episode of DemandGen Radio with Dave Lewis, Heidi discusses her approach to defining roles and responsibilities and what it takes to create a high-performance marketing team. Heidi talks about how she shifted the traditional structure of a marketing organization and created a “hub of customer engagement.”

  • MarTech Series

    A woman MarTech champion and CMO of Engagio, Heidi Bullock, attended the ABM Innovation Summit 2018. We caught up with her to dive deeper into her role as CMO and insights on marketing and sales automation technology, and the key takeaways from the event.

  • MarTech Series

    The MTS Martech Interview Series is a fun Q&A style chat with MarTech leaders. This is an interview with Heidi Bullock, CMO of Engagio: “The hard part for most marketers is educating other folks in the organization on how to evaluate account-based initiatives.”

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