The Future of B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing Predictions From the Experts

Curious where marketing is headed in the future? Us too! That’s why we asked five B2B experts in the field to tell us their thoughts about where marketing is headed.

We’ve got predictions by Katie Martell, Randy Frisch, Maneeza Aminy, Matt Heinz, Justin Gray, Maria Pergolino, Craig Rosenberg, and Engagio’s own CEO Jon Miller. Watch their videos to learn new ways of thinking about the account journey, content experiences, customer relationships, and so much more.

A Guide to the Evolution and Future of B2B Marketing

Marketing has undergone a lot of changes lately, and now it seems to be shifting at the speed of light. If you’re confused, we don’t blame you — it’s hard to know where to even start as you figure out how to become a marketer of the future.

Here, we’ve broken down everything you need to know in five simple categories. Simply click through all five to get a full primer on everything you need to know about the future of marketing, or hone in on one or two that particularly interest you.

This guide was adapted from Engagio’s CEO Jon Miller’s popular blog post “I Predicted Marketing Automation and it Changed Everything — Here’s my Next Big Prediction.”

Want some help preparing for the future of marketing?

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Which Intergalactic Sea Creature Are You?

Gio and his friends have all climbed into their rocket ships and are navigating their way towards new marketing solar systems. Depending on how ready they are for the future of marketing, each one will meet a different fate in outer space.

Take the quiz now to find out which sea creature you’re most similar to!

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