Marketing Orchestration Playbook

How High-Growth Teams Orchestrate
Account Based Marketing at Scale

Table of Contents
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Part 1: What is Marketing Orchestration?
Part 2: Why use Marketing Orchestration?
Part 3: Roles of Marketing Orchestration
Part 4: Marketing Orchestration Plays
→ Including 16 out-of-the-box ABM Plays
Bonus: Components of a Marketing Orchestration Platform

In a symphony, the job of an orchestra conductor isn’t to play every instrument. They are there to make sure every performer works in harmony to give the very best performance. Likewise, in sports, games aren’t won by any one player. It takes every person on the team working together to win a championship.

Business is no different. In complex B2B deals, it takes collaboration and communication with cross-functional teams to drive outcomes. The entire organization is responsible for new business, renewals, up-sell/cross-sell, and advocacy. But someone needs to make sure everyone works in a coordinated fashion, and Marketing is best suited to take that role.

This is Marketing Orchestration, and this is how the biggest deals are won. It’s a team sport, and to be successful, teams need to operate together.

In this playbook, we’ll dive into how you can use Marketing Orchestration to execute a world-class Account Based Marketing strategy. We’ll provide examples of real plays you can use, today, to create engagement, measure impact, and land and expand new business at scale.

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