Welcome to the Captain’s Club!

The Engagio Customer Advocacy Program, also known as the Captain’s Club, is a way we recognize you, our valued customer, for your innovations with Engagio technology. The program enables you to leverage your success story to gain positive exposure and brand awareness with a global audience.

You can share your experiences in a number of different ways including videos, written profiles, or sales reference calls.


As a member of the Engagio Captain’s Club, you can:

  • Express and showcase your organization’s success
  • Grow your status as industry thought leader and ABM expert
  • Engage with industry peers, Engagio executives, and the ABM community
  • Receive recognition via industry award nominations

How to Participate

We recognize your time is extremely valuable and have created a flexible program where you choose which opportunities are right for you. Simply connect with our Customer Advocacy Team and we will work with you to identify which opportunities are best for you and your company. Here are some ways to participate.

Engagio Success Snapshot

Written story about the growth and technology challenges your company was facing, how you rolled out ABM and use Engagio, as well as the key benefits you’ve realized.

Top ABM Tales from the Field

Brief video highlighting some of your top insights on how you do ABM  and how Engagio solutions help move the needle. Video content is generally captured at Engagio-sponsored customer events or during visits to our office.

Behind the Brilliance: The Mind of a Marketer

Highlight your marketing and leadership best practices in an Engagio Executive Blog. Your insights are shared on the Engagio website and across other social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook,

Speaking with Engagio

Engagio regularly hosts speaking engagements at various industry events or on-site at the Engagio offices. As a member of the Captain’s Club, you’ll receive first consideration to speak alongside Engagio executives and showcase your successes as best practice.

Reviews and References

Share insights and learnings about Engagio with other ABM practitioners. These 1:1 conversation between you and another Engagio customer or prospect, are focused on sharing more on how your team uses the Engagio solution and your experiences in driving ABM.

Engagio Review: Submit your insights to any software review platform, such as G2Crowd. A quick and easy way to highlight your ABM successes.

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