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You’ve heard the hype. Account Based Marketing is the next big thing in B2B marketing. But now it’s time to move beyond the hype and start implementing it in your organization.

Download The Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing to learn the best way to get started today!

The Clear & Complete Guide to ABM

It’s easy to read and loaded with 124 pages of worksheets, charts, and thought leadership from ABM experts!  Read to discover how to:

  • Move from lead-centric to account-centric marketing
  • Implement our six-step process to get started with ABM
    1. Select accounts that are most likely to deliver revenue
    2. Discover contacts and map to your accounts
    3. Develop account insights to make your interactions relevant and resonant
    4. Generate account-relevant messages and content
    5. Deliver account-specific interactions
    6. Orchestrate account-focused plays through coordinated sales and marketing teams
  • Measure account progress by measuring the new metrics for ABM: Coverage, Awareness, Engagement, Reach, and Influence
  • Implement a successful ABM strategy – Learn about the people, processes, technologies and attitudes that make ABM programs successful

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